A Panentheistic Metaphysics of Nature

Not too long ago I’ve been prompted to replicate upon my twin specialization within the Continental and American philosophical traditions, e.g. “Euro-American” philosophy, given some analysis initiatives I’ve simply accomplished. In that line of thought and given the matters I used to be researching I got here to contemplate my 2009 dissertation on C.S. Peirce, F.W.J. Schelling, and Martin Heidegger, and the way it despatched me on a comparative trajectory – particularly in chance’s idea and mode – in addition to chance’s significance in achieving strains of spiritual perception as afforded by experiences of magnificence inside the pure world. 

 After I point out that my dissertation included a comparability of Heidegger and Peirce, often I’m met with puzzled seems. Nonetheless, if it weren’t for the dissertation written by David Jerimiah Higgins, “Chance in Peirce and Heidegger: A Propaedeutic for Synthesis” (1969), I don’t assume I’d have thought to reap the advantages of such a comparability. I definitely wouldn’t have been despatched down the highway of process-theology or panentheistic philosophy of faith and nature, specifically by the use of Schelling, given how necessary Schelling was for each Heidegger and Peirce. 

 Higgin’s dissertation was such an important doc for me. On the time, the school who I needed to be my dissertation director was kind of “hit and miss,” typically in his workplace and typically not – typically informative and typically not, typically useful and typically not, and so forth. By probability I had taken a seminar on C.S. Peirce and got here to have an interest within the Peirce-Schelling connection (German idealism being very a lot influential for Peirce in addition to for American Transcendentalism and pragmatism usually) and thus got here to discover a new prospect for my dissertation director. Had I caught with my authentic selection for dissertation director I do not assume I’d have ever completed the Ph.D.

Over twelve years later every now and then I nonetheless  ponder Schelling’s huge significance for each C.S. Peirce and Martin Heidegger, and nonetheless do consider Schelling to be the “key” in comprehensively greedy a panentheistic metaphysics of nature – particularly when the aesthetic is taken to be its crowning achievement. 

If you are interested in Heidegger and have any curiosity in C.S. Peirce in any respect (or maybe even the American pragmatists) then by all means do try this dissertation. It’s informative and provocative, and like I stated – it was of essential significance for me and my very own mental growth. It incorporates some supremely wonderful insights into a really uncommon comparability of two first fee philosophers, and could also be of some assist to one thing associated it’s possible you’ll be engaged on in your personal analysis. Hyperlink HERE.

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