An Open Letter to the Governor of Oklahoma

your delusions of defending the freedoms of Oklahomans, you and the legislature
have assured absolutely the and inalienable rights of some Oklahomans to
breathe coronaviruses into the faces of different Oklahomans. You will have forbidden
masks mandates in state companies, such because the college the place I work, and
forbidden vaccination necessities. Because of this, I’m unable to defend myself
from getting germs breathed in my face, and I can’t defend my college students from
having germs breathed into their faces, by a minority of Oklahomans who proudly
refuse vaccination and refuse to put on masks. You will have assured that our
present flood of covid instances will proceed unabated. You should be happy with
your self for selling the pointless illness of hundreds of Oklahomans.

don’t you go forward and end your work? Why cease with covid? There are different
germs that may sicken Oklahomans. There are presently state legal guidelines that defend
Oklahomans from publicity to those germs. Why don’t you strike down these state
legal guidelines, and go away us much more weak to contagious illnesses? You will have gone
simply partway in your blaze of conservative glory.

refer specifically to salmonella. Some persons are asymptomatic carriers of
salmonella, and a few of them work as meals handlers. At the moment,
salmonella outbreaks are uncommon as a result of workers of meals service suppliers are required
by state regulation
to clean their arms after utilizing the restroom. This easy
measure prevents contaminated meals service staff from spreading the illness. However
this state regulation, out of your viewpoint, infringes on the basic freedom
and dignity of meals service staff
by requiring them to clean their arms.
Why don’t you remove this regulation? The deaths of some hundred Oklahomans from
salmonellosis is a small worth to pay for absolutely the freedom of meals service
staff to do no matter they need. Will you be a champion of freedom all of the
manner, or solely partway?

illness that was once widespread in America is typhoid fever. Like salmonella, it
was unfold from the unwashed arms of symptomless carriers to the individuals who
eat the meals they ready. Incessantly, the individuals who eat the meals would die.
Essentially the most well-known of the symptomless carriers was a prepare dinner named Mary Mallon, now
often known as Typhoid Mary. Regulation enforcement caught her as she fled, and forbade her
from ever once more working as a prepare dinner. This was, in fact, an infringement upon
her American freedom. However they did it anyway. When she refused to cease working
as a prepare dinner, she was imprisoned for the remainder of her life.

at present, in Oklahoma, in accordance with the rules that you just maintain so expensive, it could
be unlawful to forestall Typhoid Mary from working as a prepare dinner in a public faculty
cafeteria. A college can be required to rent her if she was, in different methods,
certified for the job. The deaths of some hundred schoolchildren can be,
out of your viewpoint, a small worth to pay for Typhoid Mary’s freedom to decide on
no matter line of labor she needs.

there’s a illness that was singlehandedly chargeable for the deaths of about
ten p.c of people that have ever died in human historical past. That illness is
smallpox. Via large, usually pressured, vaccination of thousands and thousands of individuals
all through the world
(principally Asia and Africa), a venture led by the United
Nations World Well being Group (of which you might have a low opinion), this
illness has now been eradicated. No person will ever once more die of smallpox
from pure transmission. There are nonetheless smallpox germs in freezers within the
USA and Russia. We will solely hope there are not any bioterrorist teams which have the
germs of their freezers. By your rules—that no person ought to be pressured to be
vaccinated—smallpox would nonetheless be killing hundreds if not thousands and thousands of individuals.

why is it okay to require measles vaccinations, however not covid vaccinations?
Maybe your campaign for freedom ought to develop to incorporate the repeal of all
vaccination necessities. Measles and mumps may then make a comeback for
which you would declare the distinction.

dying of measles, salmonella, and typhoid fever, and thousands and thousands of individuals dying
of smallpox—that is the form of paradise that the world can be if it had
adopted your rules of “freedom.”

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