Animals with Cameras: Australia | Flying Fox Cams Reveal Evening Time Escapades | Nature


– [Narrator] Time for the all-important reveal of what this flying fox goes to feed on.

– [Man 1] It appears to be like like of some description from there.

– [Man 2] It might be straightforward to get that recognized.

– Yeah. – I believe so.

– [Narrator] It is a South Australian blue gum, a distinct selection to the same old east coast meals.

This eucalyptus is an Adelaide native.

It is an encouraging signal that the flying foxes aren’t focusing on crops and have as an alternative tailored to a neighborhood species.

– This shut proximity to feeding, we have by no means seen this form of factor earlier than.

– It is reassuring to know that this flying fox hasn’t gone into any business fruit.

– [Narrator] And we rapidly be taught that flying foxes do not spend time in a single place for very lengthy.

– (laughs) That sounds unimaginable.

(wind whooshing) (flying fox squeals) – [Narrator] After a brief flight, a brand new tree is chosen and the flying fox publicizes its arrival.

– So, that is actually fascinating.

It appears to be like like they are going from, simply in a couple of minutes, they’ve gone by three or 4 totally different feeding websites, which is nothing that you have ever seen earlier than.

We simply assume they are going into one space and possibly keep in a tree for a time frame, but it surely appears to be like like they’re flying round each minute or two to seek out some meals.

– [Narrator] And it is off once more.

And this time we’re in a totally different tree species.

It’s technically a fruit tree, a Port Jackson fig, however this isn’t a meals crop.

It is a decorative tree generally discovered in gardens and civic facilities.

A brief flight later, it is again in a local blue gum.

– This can be a shocking factor.

I believe simply how rapidly they’re shifting and consuming blossom to blossom.

– However they clearly consuming it actually rapidly and shifting on.

– [Narrator] And despite the fact that they’ll fly tens of miles an evening, this flying fox has chosen to remain near town.

And his again mounted digicam gives a fantastic aerial perspective.

– (laughs) So he is going over there.

He is going over the street.

Oh, wonderful, this is extraordinary.

– In order that’s a parking lot.

I am positive, such as you mentioned, that will probably be actually to know the place it’s.

– [Narrator] With decorative timber to feed on within the coronary heart of town, this flying fox would not have to go far.

(flying fox squeals) By first gentle, the filming flying foxes are again within the roost, hanging alongside their neighbors.

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