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(koala bellowing) – [Speaker 1] Oh wow, that is cool.

– [Narrator] Right here is what’s referred to as bellowing.

And that is the first time a koala bellow has been recorded at this proximity.

Dominant males name out like this to promote themselves to close by females and permit different males to remain away.

(koala bellowing) Territorial name full, it is meal time.

By the seems of the skinny branches, Hunter is precariously excessive within the tree tops reaching out for the latest lushest development.

– [Speaker 2] It is attention-grabbing right here with this footage to see how their fingers they shut their digits really work as they’re climbing.

– [Narrator] Koalas have two opposable thumbs on every entrance paw to assist clasp tree trunks and grip branches.

– [Speaker 2] They’ve acquired a really sturdy grip.

You have not been gripped by koala but have you ever?

– No.

It is sturdy.

– [Narrator] Koalas nearly completely feed on low nutrient eucalyptus leaves.

And so they can nibble by way of nearly a pound in a single night.

These leaves are toxic to most animals, however koalas have advanced to digest the toxins.

The digital camera data Hunter consuming for 3 hours straight.

Tom, on the opposite hand, is on the transfer.

– [Speaker 3] It is really easy to neglect while you’re watching this nighttime footage that that is not what they’re seeing.

They’re in complete darkness.

– A koala’s eyesight is their weakest sense.

So whereas on the floor Tom commonly makes stops to examine his environment.

– [Speaker 2] However he is clearly kind of orientating himself, he is clearly intentionally stopping.

– [Narrator] Tom is utilizing his extremely developed sense of odor to navigate and assess his environment for hazard.

And he presses on protecting nearly 600 yards of floor in half-hour.

For an arboreal species that is a midnight marsupial marathon.

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