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5,000 years of Mars exploration and counting. A brand new guide from house historian William Sheehan and planetary scientist Jim Bell traces the historical past of humankind’s relationship with Mars, stretching again greater than 5 millennia. The authors of “Discovering Mars” be a part of this week’s Planetary Radio to take a look at what we’ve realized in regards to the Pink Planet, from the earliest naked-eye observations to probably the most cutting-edge robotic exploration. Pictured: A composite of pictures taken by Mariner 4, one of many first missions to fly by Mars. Picture credit score: NASA/JPL. Bonus: In the event you preferred the Jupiter strategy animation, try this animation of NASA’s Mariner 6 spacecraft’s strategy to Mars in 1969.

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JWST calls for endurance, however there are good causes for it. Even after it lastly launches, we’ll have to attend six months for the primary science pictures from the house telescope. The reason, which JWST scientist and Planetary Society vice chairman Heidi Hammel outlines in a brand new article, reminds us simply how magnificently sophisticated this instrument is. The wait will repay; the primary imaging targets have already been chosen, every chosen to point out off JWST’s spectacular capabilities.

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