Asserting Terrain.org’s 2022 John Burroughs Nature Essay Award Nominees

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The editors of Terrain.org are happy to announce our nominations for the 2022 John Burroughs Nature Essay Award:

“Blood Owls” by Chris Arthur
To see a long-eared owl gliding within the nightfall is to witness an airborne droplet of the traditional sea of owl.

“The seventeenth Day” by Christina Rivera Cogswell
Two Mammals Swimming in a Poisonous World

“Diptych: Feather, Gasoline” by Jen Hirt
Barnes Run is the tributary she haunts, my little American redstart, in a spot known as Ferncliff which is many issues relying on who you ask.

“Trying to find Misplaced Worlds” by Sam Keck Scott
“So that is the man we’re feeding to the lions?” Dan stated with a smile, nodding in direction of me.

The award is given yearly for a printed nature essay that presents vivid, first-hand, scientifically correct accounts of features of nature and honors the writing kind and method of naturalist John Burroughs.


The John Burroughs Affiliation notes that the profitable essay might be introduced in April 2022.


Good luck to our nominees!


Header photograph of long-eared owl by Mark Bridger, courtesy Shutterstock.

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