Battery Hens

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Think about dwelling on this A4 piece of paper on your entire life. It is not truly a chunk of paper, it’s a wire cage, a whole bunch of them stacked on high of one another, in rows in large sheds with no daylight . . . That is the tragic lifetime of a battery hen.

Battery cages have been first launched to Australia within the 1950’s and although individuals are conscious of them, not a lot has modified. At the moment in Australia there may be approx. 11 million battery hens!

Battery hens dwell standing on wire for his or her entire life, which slopes downwards so the eggs could be collected. They eat by placing their heads by the wire to get to meals in a trough. This rubs the feathers off their necks and chest.The get annoyed by dwelling this manner and likewise peck at their feathers making them nearly bald. They by no means see daylight and might by no means scratch round and eat bugs and worms. Residing this manner makes them sick and weak and subsequently makes their eggs not so nice for us.

Many individuals assume that hen don’t have persona or emotions, however I do know completely different. I’ve 3 chickens at residence that we raised from eggs and they’re our very liked pets. There names are Chip, Chirp and Pumpkin. Chip is at all times curious and tries to get inside at any time when the door is open. She even managed to get onto our piano as soon as and performed just a little tune. Chirp is the chief of the three, who usually tells everybody when she finds worms and tells Pumpkin off when she eats an excessive amount of.

Pumpkin is loopy one, she is clucky for the time being. This morning she was having a mud bathtub after which jumped up impulsively and ran again to the laying field, clucking loudly as she went. It is unimaginable how briskly they will run! I need all hens to have the ability to have a life the place they will expertise this stuff.

It is truly actually unhappy that any animals should dwell the way in which battery hens do. I am unable to even have a look at the photographs on the web because it makes me actually emotional. What’s worse is that I do know that folks similar to us are doing this to chickens. It’s not simply the farmers, however us making decisions about the place we purchase our eggs.

There may be tons a method we may also help

All the time refuse to purchase caged eggs, free-range are at all times higher. Free vary is when chickens are let loose within the daytime to scratch round within the sunshine and are locked up secure at evening. Typically folks confuse free-range with cage free chickens, however cage free chickens nonetheless dwell in sheds are nonetheless don’t see daylight. Lets keep away from shopping for cage-free eggs too.

We are able to go one step additional and supply our eggs from native farms, farm gates or actually have a few chickens of our personal. I really like that we now have chickens. They eat our scraps, fertilise our backyard and provides us recent and wholesome eggs day-after-day. They’re very simple to take care of too.

All chickens ought to be raised in a humane method with a lot of locations to scratch round, have mud baths, take pleasure in daylight and have the chance to be themselves. I hope that as every of us make the change away from supporting cage and cage free egg manufacturing, we’ll now not have any battery hens in Australia.

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