Birding Stroll to Crescent Harbor

Chilly and funky, partly to principally cloudy.

Snow continued to build up in a single day, with 8 inches on my deck rail this morning. Connor later informed me he measured 11 inches on his work desk within the yard.

A lot of the morning had blue skies over the home, although the solar was too low to be displaying above the clouds to the south.

Clouds moved over a bit from the south, nevertheless it by no means grew to become totally overcast.

Skies cleared once more later within the night, and temperatures dropped into the mid 20s.

I used to be on calls till early afternoon. My exterior time was restricted to a stroll all the way down to Crescent Harbor after lunch.

A few robins on Etolin Avenue have been going after remaining mountain ash berries.

Within the harbor I noticed the Pacific Loon that has been gradual to transition. I received nearer seems to be and higher images. Reviewing the images, I noticed it seems to have some lesions or one thing on the base of its invoice and behind its eye.

Close to the boat pullout, a raven’s calls and related motion aroused my curiosity. It appeared to have one thing it thought-about meals. I noticed it decide it up a few occasions (and I feel finally eat it). Nonetheless, it didn’t appear to be in a rush to devour it.

Every time it made the decision, it could elevate its wings and maintain them up briefly. Every spherical was completed by a clack of the invoice. There have been actually ravens within the common space. Nonetheless, I didn’t discover any within the rapid neighborhood.

Close to the intersection of Park Avenue and Biorka Avenue, I observed the biggest flock of Pine Siskin’s I’ve seen in a while. I took some images in case I would have the ability to pick a redpoll or two within the combine. I didn’t discover any, nonetheless.

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