Do you take pleasure in conspiracy theories?

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So, conspiracy theories. Do you take pleasure in them? In the event you do, you’re in all probability the happiest you’ve ever been.

I’ve been serious about the mechanics and mindset of how conspiracy theories work. My conclusion is that conspiracy theorists can usually create a world that’s a lot worse than the one they really stay in.

This will look like an odd matter for a weblog that proposes to be encouraging and uplifting. I intend to take this to a virtuous place, and we’ll find yourself there. Promise.

I’d add, too, that this isn’t about COVID, essentially. The pandemic (or no matter it’s, assuming you don’t purchase into the notion that this can be a pandemic) is a ripe place to search for conspiracy theories, nevertheless it definitely isn’t the one place. I’ll attempt mightily to not decide you or your beliefs – I’ve my very own, as do you. So, no condemnation.

I’ll make a distinction between conspiracy theories and plots. Historical past is rife with plots – beginning wars, planning assassinations, even the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. A conspiracy concept, although, operates in a distinct realm. I’ll offer you an instance.

I’m sufficiently old to recollect the assisination of President Kennedy. The official last phrase is that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. However did he? I received’t use my area right here to delve into different theories, as a result of there are a gazillion on the market. 

Right here’s what widespread sense would say. Kennedy was thought of the chief of the free world, proper? Isn’t that the standard title bestowed on the President of the USA? So is it believable {that a} “no person” may pull off such a heinous act? I imply, isn’t it extra affordable to imagine that somebody or a gaggle equally as highly effective as Kennedy needed to have been accountable? As a result of if an Oswald may pull one thing like this, then none of us are secure.

Properly, that’s kinda scary. So the pure human impulse is to hunt out what actually occurred, as a result of the thought that one particular person, working alone,  may assassinate the President is rather more disconcerting than believing there was a worldwide conspiracy in place. 

Who, then, advantages in a conspiracy concept? If you wish to use COVID for example, then in whose curiosity is it for individuals to remain dwelling, be unemployed, be inactive, lose jobs and revenue, place stress on shut relationships, and watch as their psychological, bodily, and emotional well being collapses. Who’re the “they” that profit from all this? 

I feel it’s affordable to imagine that there are many dangerous individuals on the market who would relish the chance to revenue from a tragedy. It occurs on a regular basis. A few years in the past my hometown of Elba, Alabama, was flooded by a breach within the levy that surrounded the city. My mother and father’ dwelling was proper within the flood zone. As quickly because the water subsided, it wasn’t lengthy earlier than they heard a knock on the door. There was a big truck and trailer, and a crew of males who wished to drag up the present ruined carpet of their home and substitute it with contemporary new carpet.

Because it seems, this was a reliable enterprise. My mother and father accepted their provide and had new carpet in a few days. The corporate made some cash off my mother and father, cash that wouldn’t have come their method if the flood hadn’t occurred. However did the carpet firm trigger the breach within the levy? Uh, no. 

Due to some odd quirk in human nature, we assume there’s a “they” on the market. Off the highest of my head, I can consider the Freemasons, the Illuminati, scientologists, FEMA, the New World Order, the Federal Reserve, Halliburton, Google, the Vatican, Bildurberg, Walmart, the Rothchilds, the Knights Templar, the UN, Cranium and Bones, the Koch brothers, George Soros, the Trilateral Fee, the Knights of Malta, Exxon Mobil, Zionists, and the lizard individuals,  who is likely to be thought of “they.” 

“They” are on the coronary heart of conspiracy theories.

So if the world is overwhelmed right down to a spot of despair, famine, sickness, and chaos, “they” profit. “They” will power us to do terrible issues, like convert to the metric system or hearken to atonal music. 

What occurs is that conspiracy theorists piece collectively a story based mostly on snippets of proof. Drawback is that they don’t ask themselves if such a conspiracy really exists. They don’t problem their very own pondering. Moderately, they merely need the important elements of their story to mesh with the beliefs they determine with. (Learn that once more.) It’s simpler for some to consider in lizard individuals operating the world, as a result of that absolves them from accepting the fact that we stay in a fallen world the place dangerous issues – illness, poverty, pure disasters, and so forth. – occur, and occur regularly. 

The impulse is to search out scapegoats – somebody needs to be accountable for the dangerous.And that somebody is out to get us. And, by golly, we received’t be enslaved by some nefarious overlord.

In the event you’re nonetheless with me, hear this: evil is rampant on this planet. Devil desires to destroy. He makes use of human brokers to additional his depraved functions. This can be a reality. If you’re a believer, you already know this already. Extra on that later.

The issue is that we will wrestle with figuring out what’s actual wickedness. I’d recommend that conspiracy theories are, in themselves, doubtlessly satanic. Conspiracy theories divert us into taking a look at imaginary, irrational beliefs fairly than figuring out the place the true evil lies. 

Conspiracy theorists are likely to flock collectively. There may be a lot consolation in hanging out with these of like thoughts. It’s kind of like England through the World Conflict II blitz – “we’re all struggling collectively, and we have to mount some type of resistance.”

Resisting evil is all the time applicable. Combat it tooth and nail. Simply ensure you’re combating an actual enemy and never some imaginary boogeyman. 

I’ve noticed that individuals resent it after I’m not as troubled as a lot by the world as they’re. I see proof of that in veiled or generally overt putdowns. Utilizing phrases like “sheeple” or being inspired to “get up” are very revealing. Devaluing me just isn’t a great way to carry me round to your mind-set.

Conspiracies are like chains. The extra concerned in a conspiracy, the extra possible it will likely be outed, identical to that weakest hyperlink will snap. Conspiracies received’t keep a secret when there are lots of people concerned. Occam’s Razor comes into play right here, too – what’s the almost definitely state of affairs? It’s going to be the best. Conspiracy theorists all the time give individuals extra potential and competency than they really have.

Chatting with my fellow Individuals … most of us have by no means skilled a serious disaster. We missed the 1918 flu epidemic, we missed the Nice Melancholy, and for essentially the most half missed the 2 world wars. We’ve seen dangerous issues occur in different nations, however not in ours. So if we’re being submitted to a serious disaster lately, there needs to be a deliberate hand at work, proper? There needs to be a plot of some kind of evil human design. That’s the way in which many individuals attempt to make sense of it.

I’ll say this once more. We stay in a fallen world. We cope with evil in tangible and religious methods alike. Earlier than Jesus returns, we’ll proceed to stay on this fallen world. What are we to do? 

We’re to battle the actual evils, not the sensationalized, hysterical, unreal monsters. Let’s make a distinction within the life of that terrified younger girl who’s pregnant and alone, or the neighbor who’s coping with their partner who’s terminally ailing, or the household who, by no fault of their very own, has had their electrical energy turned off as a result of each the mother and pa are out of labor and struggling to search out jobs. 

Be salt and lightweight. Encourage the downtrodden with phrases and deeds. If you wish to spend money on one thing, spend money on that particular person who’s craving for Jesus and doesn’t even understand it. Use the vitality you’re expending in questioning what the Freemasons are as much as into the life of somebody you possibly can really affect with Christ’s love.

Speak later! And keep in mind – it’s all the time applicable to look within the mirror every now and then and say, “You understand, I may very well be incorrect.”


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