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Your physique shouldn’t be small.

The entire floor space of the human lung could possibly be unfold to the peak of a brachiosaurus.

If you wish to heal,
you should first
discover each bruised place.

Your physique shouldn’t be apparent.
It sheds forty thousand cells
each minute,
and who is aware of what number of of these
have been the final to recollect
the bruising?

Simply in case,
rely their ancestors
in your census
of ache.
Even a cell can inherit a wound.

you should inform any person
the place it hurts.

It’s a must to be particular,
and this will likely take a while.

The human coronary heart beats 100,000 occasions per day.

If you wish to converse to somebody in regards to the beat that was damaged,

they’ll wish to see it. They should seek for it.

They’ll sift by way of all the pieces you retain within the pockets of these rhythms.

Collectively, chances are you’ll discover some previous cuts.

Add these to your census, too.

Some days it’ll appear that you’re getting extra wounded for the looking out,

however that is therapeutic.

The 1st step, the tally.
Step two, the telling.
Step three, the remedy.

All steps occur on the similar time, however you have got sufficient elasticity for this.

Your physique shouldn’t be small.
Your physique shouldn’t be sluggish.
Your physique shouldn’t be helpless.

It will likely be therapeutic itself
as you seek for what wants therapeutic.

A minimize will turn into a scar, a bruise will turn into a wonderfully wholesome cell afraid of the darkish.

The human physique is made from ten trillion DNA cells. You would be stretched to the moon and again once more,

1500 occasions.

In a lifetime, it’ll really feel like that is precisely what has occurred to you.

hundred journeys to the moon and again,
and boy,
are your cells drained.

Drained, however not small.

You’ll have to lean into your self. All of your self. To the highest of the dinosaur and again. To each expanse of you.

Take an in depth look.

It is a remedy.

You’ll have to step right into a darkish room,
give your self roses and candies and guarantees you possibly can maintain.

The cells don’t must neglect the darkish.

They simply must forgive it.

It is a remedy.

You’ll have to apologize for each time you kicked your self.

A physique deserves greater than to be afraid of itself, ashamed of itself.

It is a remedy.

Within the accounting,
make a remark of the muscle groups
that want they may cry.

Allow them to.
Stretch them.
Once they sob so onerous it looks like aching,
soothe them.

It is a remedy.

Inform somebody that you just damage. The place you damage. How you might be therapeutic. The place you beam with delight.

Allow them to convey extra pleasure to you.
Settle for it. There may be room.

You will have many extra journeys to the moon to make.

Your physique shouldn’t be small,
however you possibly can solely carry a lot.

Let the telling empty you of bruises.
Hole the pockets of your coronary heart of all the pieces besides the reminiscence of how you take care of you.

Pack your cells with pleasure till it’s what they know finest, and what they belief most.

Be considerable.

Pleasure is mild.
You may raise a lot extra of it than you possibly can think about.

Think about.
Think about.

That is therapeutic.


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