Espresso Cups

Written By Jasmine (My Sister)

Who doesn’t love a very good espresso? Each morning at 8:30 Dad HAS to have his espresso. We stroll collectively to our favorite espresso store and sit exterior and wait. I watch 15 folks stroll out with paper cups, stand round chatting after which throw their cup into an overflowing garbage bin.

I begin to consider the entire of Melbourne . . the entire of Australia . . . and what number of cups are being thrown into the garbage every day. So I did some analysis. Australians throw out 2.7 million espresso cups each single day. This provides as much as 1 billion cups a yr for Australians and 16 billion every year for the world.

I used to be considering . . . if one particular person has 5 coffees per week, that’s 260 per yr and 1300 each 5 years. If in case you have a giant household and children that like scorching candies, the quantity of cups in your bin may very well be near 1000 yearly.

Most individuals don’t know this, however most paper espresso cups usually are not recyclable as a result of they’ve plastic on the within. If the plastic wasn’t there, the cup would go all mushy and leak. It’s a giant downside for the atmosphere. 16 billion cups going into the garbage or oceans each single yr! That’s insane!

Do you know that espresso cups are the second largest explanation for garbage on the earth, after plastic bottles.

Though this can be a enormous downside, the reply is so easy. . . everybody ought to simply have a reusable cup. It is like bringing personal baggage to purchase our meals. It is solely been a number of years since plastic baggage have been banned and we discover it simple to carry our personal baggage now. If we needed to carry our personal cups to a café, think about what we may do for the world.

Most reusable cups solely price about $20 (that’s just some espresso’s) and so they are available cool designs and hues. In addition they maintain your drink hotter for longer! It’s a win, win throughout. Come on grown ups, its such a easy factor that may make a world of distinction!

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