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Should you’re in search of some astronomical occasions to stay up for this month, no want to fret. Though February is a comparatively quiet month of astronomically observable occasions, there are nonetheless just a few nice issues happening that will probably be value a glance by means of your telescope. Right here’s an inventory of occasions happening within the sky this month.

February 6 – Venus Passes Saturn

Within the early morning, look towards the east-southeastern horizon earlier than dawn to see a brilliant planet Venus positioned just under Saturn, which will probably be a lot dimmer than Venus. It’s best to be capable to see it with the bare eye, with binoculars, and with a telescope (finest).

February 11 – New Moon

A brand new moon happens when the Earth, Moon , and Solar are aligned in a line and the Moon is between the Earth and the Solar. The intense a part of the Moon faces away from the Earth, which is why it seems to be almost or utterly invisible.

February 13 – Pleiades

The star cluster which is also referred to as the Seven Sisters and Messier 45 will probably be seen excessive within the sky round 7:15 pm.

February 18 – Moon & Mars

Mars will probably be viewable close to Mars within the southwestern sky. They’ll each be viewable collectively from binoculars.

February 27 – Full Moon

A full moon happens when the Earth, Moon, and Solar are all aligned in a comparatively straight line with the Earth located between the Moon and the Solar. The lean of the Earth permits the daylight to hit the moon and illuminate it. Throughout a full moon, the illuminated facet of the Moon faces towards the Earth in order that we will see the complete moon illuminated within the evening sky.

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