Funniest Purpose for two days ship delay in departure from port.

Funniest Purpose for two days ship delay in departure from port.

Two monkeys delayed the departure of a cargo ship from Chennai by two days. The monkeys nearly performed cover and search with the ship crew and wildlife personnel.
Wildlife officers mentioned they obtained a name from Chennai Port on Friday morning stating that two monkeys had entered a ship that was to depart from the port on Friday evening. A crew of monkey catchers, led by vary officer Mohan, went to the port and carried out searches within the ship. Nevertheless, the simians couldn’t be traced.

“Our crew searched the entire vessel from morning until night and the monkeys couldn’t be traced,” he mentioned.

On Saturday morning, the ship left Chennai port for Singapore. When she was nearing the Ennore port, the crew noticed one of many monkeys onboard.

Following this, the vessel was berthed at Ennore port and wildlife officers had been alerted. Monkey catchers searched the vessel on Saturday and Sunday. However they may not hint the monkeys.

On Monday morning, the ship resumed her journey, in all probability carrying the monkeys

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