How the CIA hijacked a Soviet spacecraft in 1959

With the Chilly Struggle raging and the Soviets securing victory after victory within the Area Race, America’s CIA wasn’t sitting on the sidelines. The Soviet Union’s house know-how was beating America’s in nearly each considerable means, and America’s intelligence companies have been working time beyond regulation to watch and decipher knowledge spilling out of Soviet rockets as they poured into the sky. It was a time of uncertainty–and even perhaps a little bit of desperation–for the burgeoning superpower that was America within the Nineteen Fifties. So, when a Soviet Lunar satellite tv for pc was despatched out on a worldwide tour to parade their successes earlier than the world, it provided a singular alternative for the CIA to hijack the satellite tv for pc for a little bit of analysis whereas it was nonetheless firmly planted on the bottom.

From our vantage level within the twenty first century, we’ve a behavior of trying again on the Area Race as if America’s final victory was a positive factor. In any case, within the many years that adopted World Struggle II, America was uniquely positioned to assist rebuild the Western world, gaining diplomatic, financial, and navy leverage across the globe and quickly ascending to the lofty place of the planet’s solely remaining superpower by the shut of the century.

However the fact is, to paraphrase famed Marine basic James Mattis, America had no pre-ordained proper to victory within the Chilly Struggle, and maybe least of all within the Area Race that ran in parallel to the America-Soviet navy arms race of the day. The Soviet Union didn’t simply beat America and the remainder of the world into orbit with Sputnik in 1957, they proceeded to pummel the USA’ house efforts with out mercy for years to come back.

The Sputnik Disaster and Soviet house supremacy

Sputnik (NASA)


Let there be no mistake, the significance of Sputnik by way of the way it framed America’s modern notion of the Soviet menace, each navy and ideological, can’t be overstated. Instantly following Sputnik’s beeping transmissions from low earth orbit, the USA, and certainly a lot of the Western world, plummeted into what has since come to be often known as the “Sputnik Disaster.”

In no unsure phrases, early Soviet house victories have been seen by many across the globe as a transparent argument in favor of the efficacy of the Soviet communist mannequin of presidency and societal construction. With every subsequent win on the technological forefront of human attain, the Soviet Union wasn’t simply proving what might be achieved via their strategy to economics and coverage, they have been additionally demonstrating what America’s capitalism couldn’t do… or at the least, couldn’t do as shortly.

soviet space
Soviet Sputnik launch (NASA)

That overarching worry that the communists weren’t solely successful by way of nuts and bolts however additionally by way of hearts and minds immediately led to the institution of NASA, the reshuffling of sources towards rocket and orbital sciences, and naturally, a flood of funding into each protection and status applications meant to offset the Soviet benefits that have been turning into manifest on a number of fronts. Within the New York Instances alone, Sputnik 1 was talked about in articles a median of 11 instances a day between October 6 and October 31 of 1957, so pronounced was America’s basic worry concerning the Soviets in house.

It didn’t get higher from there. In November of 1957, the Soviet Union turned the primary nation to place a residing animal in orbit with Sputnik 2 carrying Laika the canine. The next month, America made its first try to put a satellite tv for pc into orbit with the Naval Analysis Laboratory’s Vanguard TV3 (Check Automobile 3). The rocket made it roughly 4 toes off the launch platform earlier than collapsing again down onto itself and exploding.

The next month, nonetheless, America would make it into house with Explorer 1, and later that yr, NASA would exchange the Nationwide Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NACA) and assist to steer the nation towards its eventual house supremacy–however that supremacy wasn’t to come back for a while but. In 1959, the technically failed Soviet Luna 1 rocket flew additional than any platform earlier than it, escaping the moon’s orbit and eventually settling into orbit across the solar. Later that very same yr, the Soviets claimed one more first with Luna 2; the primary spacecraft ever to succeed in the floor of the moon.

soviet space
Luna 1 (Courtesy of NASA)

Quickly, Luna 3 would ship again photographs of the moon’s floor from orbit and by 1960, the Soviets have been the primary to ship animals (two canines, Belka and Strelka) and crops into house and convey them again alive. Inside simply one other yr, they might safe their crowning achievement to that time: Placing an precise human being in house with Yuri Gagarin.

There was little question, no debate, and no uncertainty. Within the late Nineteen Fifties and early Nineteen Sixties, the Soviet Union wasn’t simply main the Area Race, it was dominating it. If America wished to show the tables on the Reds, they’d want a more in-depth take a look at what they have been packing beneath the hoods of their rockets.

Easy methods to plan a spacecraft heist


In 1959, the Soviet Union determined to leverage their current technological victories for a little bit PR, selecting a variety of applied sciences, automobiles, and tools that represented the very chopping fringe of Soviet advances for a touring exhibit. You would possibly count on that the Soviet Union would know higher than to ship their precise top-tier tech for what amounted to little greater than a little bit of show-and-tell, and the CIA thought so too… however with the Soviets persevering with to increase their lead in house, the chance to take a more in-depth take a look at the crown jewel of the exhibition, a Lunic spacecraft similar to Luna 2, housed inside a modified rocket higher stage, was just too nice.

After a couple of plain-clothes brokers bought as shut as they may with out drawing any suspicion, they have been stunned to see that the spacecraft tucked away behind glass-covered cutaways within the rocket housing gave the impression to be the actual deal. Declassified studies have a behavior of sucking the humanity out of a scenario, however one has to imagine this revelation got here with some open mouths, raised eyebrows, and even perhaps a little bit of covert intelligence officer hand-wringing inside the CIA when phrase reached Langley.

You may most likely have heard the laughter from this far out. (CIA)

Instantly, plans started to kind to get an excellent nearer take a look at Lunic, however the Soviet’s seeming naivety in parading an actual satellite tv for pc round didn’t lengthen to the safety at their exhibitions. Troopers guarded the satellite tv for pc always whereas on show, together with throughout off-hours when the museums and exhibition halls housing it have been closed. It appeared clear that accessing Lunic whereas it was on show could be virtually not possible, so the CIA turned their consideration to the way it was transported from exhibition to exhibition.

Whereas all the gadgets have been transported from metropolis to metropolis by rail automobile (with accompanying guard), the CIA recognized some vulnerability in the best way every merchandise was transported from every exhibition to that rail automobile. The gadgets have been merely positioned in unassuming crates and loaded into vehicles that will drive them to the practice station for loading. This transition was not closely monitored by Soviet safety, with gadgets arriving on the practice at random intervals and little coordination between drivers and the practice personnel to talk of. In reality, the guards on the rail depots weren’t even supplied with a listing of what deliveries to count on, maybe as part of compartmentalizing data, but it surely was this particular shortcoming within the Soviet safety technique most of all that granted the CIA the chance they wanted.

Hijacking a rocket is simpler from the freeway

soviet space


Intelligence operatives are sometimes considered superhuman, as if it takes a singular biology to be a really profitable spy. The reality, as historical past so usually reveals, is that spies are most frequently common folks like the remainder of us; superhuman not in functionality, however arguably maybe, in audacity.

When the evening got here to enact the CIA’s plan, the brokers accountable have been hopelessly missing in James Bond-esque devices to guarantee victory. It started, fairly merely, with brokers in plain garments following the crate containing Lunic out of an exhibition, trying intently for indicators of supplemental Soviet safety. Surprisingly, regardless of their air-tight safety throughout showings, no guards manifested and it quickly turned clear that the unassuming field truck carrying a nondescript crate filled with Soviet state secrets and techniques could be making its brief journey to the practice station completely unaccompanied.

Simply the kind of place you’d think about stealing cutting-edge house know-how from. (This isn’t the precise practice station in query) (WikiMedia Commons)

In order the truck approached its flip off towards the practice station, the CIA merely pulled the car over and escorted the driving force to a close-by resort. From there, an agent hopped within the driver’s seat and guided the truck into a close-by salvage yard that had been chosen particularly for the excessive partitions meant to cover the inside scrap from the remainder of the neighborhood. It was probably the most daring espionage capers of the Chilly Struggle, and positively had the potential to ignite a battle between the planet’s two nuclear powers… However on the level of execution, the perfect the CIA may muster was little greater than a carjacking and an area junkyard. Generally, it truly is audacity that makes all of the distinction.

For thirty lengthy minutes, CIA brokers hovered within the shadows surrounding their freshly stolen truck, ready for some signal that the Soviets had observed Lunic’s absence. As soon as it appeared the coast was sufficiently clear, they descended upon the truck, and the 20 foot lengthy, 11 foot huge, and 14 foot-deep crate housed inside. For his or her plan to work, it wasn’t sufficient to get to the satellite tv for pc, disassemble it, and {photograph} what they may–additionally they needed to re-assemble it, tuck it again inside its crate, and ship it to the practice station earlier than morning, to maintain the Soviets from understanding something had even taken place.

Take off your sneakers and hop within the rocket

soviet space
A drawing of Lunik’s inside association from a CIA report in 1961.

To their reduction, the crate itself had been re-used a variety of instances, making it pretty straightforward to open with out leaving any clear indicators of tampering. Nevertheless, with no means to drag the rocket stage out of the crate, the group quickly realized they’d haven’t any selection however to do their work inside the picket field. Brokers took off their sneakers and break up into groups, climbing to the underside of the crate utilizing rope ladders they’d introduced particularly for the job, and delicately eradicating {hardware} and panels to achieve entry to the secrets and techniques held inside.

Quickly, their plan hit a snag, nonetheless. The Lunic spacecraft wouldn’t be arduous to entry via the rocket stage it was housed in, however as they tried to make entry, the CIA brokers discovered a small, plastic seal with a Soviet brand emblazoned on it. With a view to get to the spacecraft, the seal would have. to be damaged, however doing so would virtually definitely reveal their meddling to Soviet authorities. Rapidly, calls have been made to CIA belongings within the space, who assessed that they may replicate the seal and get their alternative to the salvage yard in time to re-assemble and return the rocket by morning.

Though the engine had been eliminated, its mounts, in addition to tanks for each gas and the oxidizer remained, granting the CIA sufficient data to extrapolate the rocket’s engine dimension and payload capabilities. With the seal eliminated, Lunic itself was pulled out, prodded, disassembled, and photographed extensively. Data gleaned wasn’t solely beneficial from a design perspective, it additionally provided vital context concerning the Soviet rocket program. Having measurements and weights recorded for a Luna 2-esque payload, the CIA would be capable to make extra sense of telemetry knowledge they have been gathering round every Soviet launch. It was a big intelligence victory for the USA, and would go on to form plans and coverage concerning America’s personal house efforts for years to come back.

However getting the data was solely a part of the job. Getting it again unnoticed would require the same diploma of excellent luck and correct planning.

With the moonlight waning, CIA operatives working with hand instruments and clad of their socks feverishly re-assembled Lunic and its rocket housing, including the duplicate seal, eradicating their rope ladders, and re-securing the highest of the crate. By 5 a.m., the unique driver was reunited along with his truck and payload, and he delivered it to the practice station in time to beat the primary guard’s arrival at 7 a.m.

soviet space

The data gleaned from the operation gave America a fuller understanding of what the Soviets have been able to, which allowed them to plan their very own efforts accordingly. Not was America working beneath the looming nervousness of the Sputnik Disaster with out the true knowledge they wanted to make an trustworthy evaluation of the scenario. And one may argue, it was in that newfound information that America’s future house dominance would start to sprout. With a view to beat the enemy, you need to know the place they’re and what they will do… and the CIA discovered extra about that at the back of a stolen truck, with their sneakers off and their flashlights on, than that they had via the remainder of their mixed efforts to that time.

Lower than ten years later, the USA would declare victory within the Area Race when Apollo 11 landed on the moon proper earlier than a Soviet lander crashed into the opposite aspect. A bit greater than twenty years after that, the Soviet Union would collapse, and the Chilly Struggle would formally come to an finish.

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