Huntsman Marine Science Centre: Younger Explorer Whale Day

At the moment on the Aquarium the Younger Explorers discovered about whales of the Bay of Fundy. We additionally took benefit of the low tide this morning to discover the intertidal zone.

Under are some photos from our adventures.

Trying to find reside creatures within the intertidal zone.

There have been a lot of inexperienced crabs!

Wanting below the rocks.

We bought to see easy methods to inform the distinction between a female and male crab.

Again within the lab taking a look at whale bones. Whales are vertebrates like us.

Whales are additionally mammals. They need to come to the floor to breathe air. We studied the blow patterns of frequent whales within the Bay of Fundy.

Some whale have tooth and others have baleen.

Humpback whale meals chain, consists of phytoplankton and zooplankton.

Humpback whales use baleen to filter education fish, reminiscent of herring out of the water.

How large are whales? Let’s measure!

Subsequent week is our final Younger Explorer Day of the summer time. We can be studying about seabirds. Take a look at our web site for extra info.

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