Huntsman Marine Science Centre: Younger Explorers 2020

Yesterday was Seal Day on the Aquarium for the Younger Explorers. Together with studying about seals we explored the intertidal zone and toured the Aquarium. Try some images from our enjoyable day.

Exploring the intertidal zone throughout low tide.

Looking for stay animals beneath the rocks and seaweed.

The Younger Explorers discovered plenty of inexperienced crabs of all sizes.

The Younger Explorers realized find out how to maintain the crabs correctly in order to not get pinched.

We additionally had a take a look at the tail, tucked beneath the crab to assist us decide if the crabs have been feminine (large, curved tail) or male (triangle with straight sides).

We watched the seal feeding! That is Snorkel; he turned 14 this yr.

We toured the Aquarium and had an opportunity to see the seals and quite a lot of fish and invertebrates from the Bay of Fundy.

Loki lounging after lunch.

Studying in regards to the diversifications that seals need to stay of their habitat. Can we make Conner right into a seal? (Conner can be serving to out with the SCAMPS program this summer season with Sunbury Shores and Kingsbrae Backyard. Registration is offered on-line.)

Conducting an experiment to be taught in regards to the freezing level of saltwater.

Aquarium scavenger hunt!

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