I actually do have a plan

On my to-do checklist for immediately is:

  1. Arrange all of the provides for the fly lab.
  2. Document a video abstract of the fly culturing process.
  3. Determine why my audio recorder did such a crap job on Wednesday, & repair it.
  4. Re-record the audio for Wednesday’s lecture.
  5. My lecture room has been moved to a smaller house, with a distinct association of screens and whiteboards. Determine how all the things works in there.
  6. Go house, edit the fly tradition video.
  7. Begin sharpening up Monday’s lecture.

To this point, I’ve managed to finish #1. That’s it. I’ve been scurrying up and down stairs, hauling microscopes round, finding out media, laying out supplies on bench tops, and mainly doing a whole lot of bodily labor. Hey, aren’t I an aged professor? What’s with all of the sweating?

Proper now I feel the perfect I can do is go house, take a stab on #4 from my workplace chair, and begin #7. Then I’ll are available in vivid and early and perhaps not so winded to begin with #2. There goes the weekend.

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