Life is Like Us #69 – Power

Scott Patrick Erwin

December 6, 2021

Have you ever ever thought of what vitality is? Have you ever ever thought of how vitality impacts us? Einstein got here up with a method to clarify it, E=MC^². Power equals mass occasions the velocity of sunshine squared. Is that true? Smarter minds than me have on condition that some thought and validation. By some means it really works out mathematically. Understanding how mathematicians show a method, I’m gonna take their phrase for it, for now. One premise that I do settle for out of my restricted understanding of the research of physics is that this. Power is. It simply is. It’s neither created nor destroyed, it may solely remodel from one manifestation of existence to a different. 

Right here is one other factor to contemplate. What are we? What is that this bodily world that we exist in? What’s the spark of vitality that we name our consciousness, our soul that observes and interacts with the world we exist in? Physics says every thing is vitality. So our spark, our consciousness, our soul should be vitality too. If that’s true, then that spark, that’s consciousness, will need to have existed earlier than this second we name life. And if our spark of consciousness is vitality and it existed earlier than, it should exist after the momentary manifestation that’s our self, our being, our existence as human life. Or extra easy, our vitality, as a spark of consciousness, exists after the manifestation of life, ie. Our spark of vitality exists after loss of life. How? I don’t know? What does it exist as? I don’t know. What does it remodel into? I don’t know. It’s a thriller. 

Okay, I do know I’m getting deep right here, and possibly even existential, however stick with me, let’s see the place this goes. So vitality is. We’re vitality. Power exists because the strings that bind every thing within the universe collectively. And no matter spark of consciousness we’re is only one small, minute, infinitesimal manifestation of the entire, the totality of vitality within the Universe. So if we’re a spark, a unit, a component, of the Universe, then that spark is the Universe. So we’re all simply totally different manifestations of the Universe expressing vitality as consciousness, as consciousness.  

So life, as I perceive it, is vitality. Life is the spark of consciousness of 1 a part of the entire. So that you, I, and everybody and every thing existed earlier than in some kind, earlier than life, and can exist after this life in some kind. So the questions we’ve about loss of life and the quantity of focus, distraction, concern, and downright obsession about it’s irrational and wastes the time we’ve right here on this time, on this manifestation of consciousness, this life. Memento Mori because the stoics say. “Bear in mind you should die.” 

As a result of…Life is Like Us. 

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