Marine Mammal Parasite of the Month- October 2021 – Nationwide Marine Life Heart

This parasite is a helminth, also called a parasitic worm, within the Trematoda class. It’s labeled as a flatworm known as a fluke and is present in cetaceans, primarily these within the household Dephinidae. It been present in bottlenose dolphins, dusky dolphins, Commerson’s dolphins, brief beaked frequent dolphins, tucuxi, estuarine dolphins, Chilean dolphins, rough-toothed dolphins, and harbor porpoises. Most analysis into this parasite has concerned dolphins that stranded or had been by accident caught in trawls. The parasite is normally found by means of necropsies and there may be little to no proof of their life cycle. Nevertheless, it’s speculated that the dolphins decide up the parasites from the fish they eat. This parasite additionally has a signature coronary heart formed physique surrounded by a membrane like construction on all sides besides the underside. A big organ that’s used to carry on protrudes from the underside and there may be an appendage on the again finish. What do you assume this parasite is and the place do you assume it’s discovered within the physique of those cetaceans?


 Posted by fall intern, Adrienne V-H.

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