Meet the 7 Longest Dwelling Ocean Animals

What’s the secret to dwelling a protracted life? Usually centenarians will share their secrets and techniques, together with consuming oatmeal every day, staying single, exercising or having a constructive outlook on life. Whether or not or not you imagine these theories, one factor is for sure: People have some critical catching as much as do in contrast with different animal lifespans. The oldest dwelling human lived to be solely 122 years previous (cue the Greenland shark laughing!).

However how do these long-living animals have a lifespan that’s many centuries previous? Scientists assume it has to do with the animals’ metabolism, with dimension and habitat as contributing elements. Greater animals are inclined to have a slower metabolism. And animals that dwell in frigid, chilly habitats additionally are inclined to have a slower metabolism. The frigid waters of the Arctic make it potential for Greenland sharks to outlive for hundreds of years. Metabolic fee is considered inversely proportional to most lifespan, which signifies that species that dwell quick will die younger whereas those who have a slower metabolic fee dwell slower and longer.


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With out additional delay, meet these seven ocean animals which have had extra birthdays than nearly each different creature on Earth.

Greenland Shark

Somniosus microcephalus

(300-500 years)

© Hemming1952 / Wikimedia

Dwelling within the chilly Atlantic waters of Greenland, Iceland and the Arctic, Greenland sharks are sometimes described as dinosaurs on Earth. Greenland sharks not too long ago broke a report: Scientists found a 400-year-old feminine Greenland shark that set a brand new report for the oldest dwelling vertebrate.

Ocean Quahogs (Clams)

Arctica islandica

(200-500 years)

ocean quahog clamocean quahog clam
© NOAA Fisheries

Ocean quahogs are among the many longest-living marine organisms on the earth. The ocean quahog is a species of edible clam, a marine bivalve mollusk. Ocean quahogs dwell within the Atlantic and might dwell greater than 400 years previous. At 507 years of age, Ming the clam broke the Guinness World Report because the oldest animal on the earth. Ming the clam was dredged off the coast of Iceland in 2006. Ming was born in 1499 and died in 2006—that age was calculated by counting annual progress strains within the shell.

Black Coral

Leiopathes glaberrima

(greater than 4,000 years)

deep sea black coraldeep sea black coral
© NOAA Picture Library

The estimated lifespan of a black coral colony is 70 years. Nonetheless, in March 2009 a deep-water species of black coral was found, and scientists estimate it was round 4,265 years previous. Coral polyps are invertebrates belonging to a gaggle of animals known as Cnidaria. Different animals on this group embody jellyfish and sea anemones. Coral reefs are made up of tiny organisms known as polyps. The result’s a colony of polyps that truly act as one organism.

Immortal Jellyfish

Turritopsis dohrnii


immortal jellyfishimmortal jellyfish

The immortal jellyfish is a species of jellyfish no greater than a half centimeter that lives in seas internationally. Like different cnidarians, it has two varieties: medusa (assume basic jellyfish with bell-shaped physique and a number of tentacles) and hydroid or polyp (the infant type, rising in a colony with different polyps on the ocean ground). Its distinctive means to revert to this youthful polyp type after reaching its absolutely grown state, thereby beginning its life cycle anew, is what earns this jellyfish the title “immortal.”

Bowhead Whale

Balaena mysticetus

(greater than 200 years previous)

bowhead whale breachingbowhead whale breaching
© Kate Stafford

Bowhead whales can dwell greater than 200 years–making them one of many longest-living mammals on Earth. Bowhead whales dwell within the chilly Arctic and subarctic waters year-round. The bowhead is the fifth largest whale within the ocean, reaching as much as 60 ft in size. Bowhead whales are among the many heaviest animals on Earth with their weight between 75-100 tons. 

Rougheye Rockfish

Sebastes aleutianus

(200 years previous)

drawing of rockfish drawing of rockfish
© Bulletin of the US Fish Fee

The rougheye rockfish are among the many longest-living fish and have a most lifespan of not less than 205 years, based on the Washington Division of Fish and Wildlife. Their habitat is in coastal waters from California to Japan. Rougheye rockfish sometimes dwell at depths between 500 and 1,500 ft. They’re discovered close to the seafloor round caves and crevices. Rockfish are slow-growing, late-maturing and long-lived. Sadly, this additionally makes them extremely susceptible to overfishing. Recovering from fishing stress is one other factor rockfish do slowly.

Glass sponge

Farrea occa

(10,000 years or extra)

glass sponge deep seaglass sponge deep sea

Glass sponges within the class Hexactinellida are animals generally discovered within the deep ocean. Sponges are firmly connected to the ocean ground (with a number of exceptions) for his or her complete grownup lives. They survive by pumping water by their porous our bodies to extract very small meals particles and dissolved substances. Glass sponges develop in lots of styles and sizes within the deep ocean. Glass sponge reefs had been thought to have turn out to be extinct about 40 million years in the past—they left fossil cliffs that may be discovered throughout Europe. In 1987, nevertheless, scientists found 9,000-year-old dwelling glass sponge reefs in Canada—the one present reefs of their sort (that we all know of).

An Ocean of Birthdays on the Horizon

As foolish as this may increasingly sound, I genuinely want I had the power to interview one among these long-living creatures. What was it like within the ocean 500 years in the past? How does it really feel to be alive for that lengthy? It actually is mind-boggling.

It’s actually mind-bending to attempt to wrap your head round the entire historic moments these ocean animals have lived by. Ming the clam was alive in the course of the Ming Dynastic (which dominated China from 1368 to 1644).

And scientists say that there are 1000’s extra species of sponge and coral which have but to be found!

The ocean and all its inhabitants are actually spectacular. It’s as much as all of us to assist shield them to allow them to rejoice tons of or 1000’s extra birthdays! Please make a donation to Ocean Conservancy to rejoice these creatures—give at the moment and make a distinction for the way forward for our ocean!

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