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All the time greatest to start out with the fundamentals…

With the intention to transfer ahead, it’s useful to know the place you’re.

And, simply as importantly, to know the place you’ve been. With out these basic views, “elsewhere” is moderately meaningless.

It’s additionally crucial to embrace the physics of trigger and impact — to take full accountability in your private actions (whether or not grand, minuscule, acutely aware or unconscious), that’ve contributed to your present lot in life.

Giving a child a delicate, candy kiss, slapping it upside the top, or altogether ignoring its cries are all selections which have penalties. Each choice you’ve made trekking Planet Earth has a direct tie to the very place you stand or sit at this second. Totally accepting that truth is, in itself, a large evolutionary leap ahead.

With that in thoughts, let’s start our evaluation of this messy recreation we appear to search out ourselves entangled inside, and, extra importantly, give you sensible options that appear to be woefully absent within the polarized discourse being bandied about each day.

There’s a quite simple tactic controllers and overlords have used for the reason that daybreak of recorded time. It’s efficient as a result of, as soon as strategically executed, it propagates itself with minimal upkeep. It’s so pervasive in our world that nobody even notices it in motion anymore, or when new variants of it are being shamefully and blatantly carried out.

To what tactic do I refer?

Divide and Conquer

When you’re unfamiliar with that time period, the next snippet sums it up moderately succinctly…

The approach is childishly easy: induce upon the plenty a frenzied, fearful mentality of us-versus-them — a suspiciousness of any skin-colour, tradition, custom, ritual, political affiliation, or narrative that differs from indoctrinated “right” teachings — and, in doing so, the proles will perpetually stay at struggle with each other, readily wanting to undertake any excessive options offered by an authority determine to quell the chaos. As a bonus, the infighting will simply eat the time and vitality reserved for crucial thought makes an attempt to piece collectively the belief that the “huge brains” offering options had been the exact same ones who incited the issues.

Candy, eh?

When you’re a excessive priest, puppet-master, psycho-control-freak, software program mogul, or wannabe king, there’s no must reinvent the wheel. The Divide and Conquer technique is tried, examined, and true, and ought to be your go-to methodology if world domination is in your agenda.

When the inmates are perpetually divided amongst themselves, they have an inclination to not insurgent in opposition to their guards or wardens to right the injustices their surroundings doles out each day (assume bloods vs. crips). And, better of all, as soon as Divide and Conquer has been carried out, the enslaved police themselves, regardless of the whole absence of overlord presence (assume face diapers).

When you’re hooked on consulting your “telephone” for data, what number of occasions a day you come throughout these buzzwords:

Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Leftist, Rightist, Extremist, Terrorist, Anti-masker, Anti-vaxxer, Truth-checker, Misinformation, Pink tablet, Blue tablet, Coke, Pepsi, and on and on…

They’re all components of the Divide and Conquer agenda. It’s why nations exist, it’s why religions exist, it’s why sports activities groups exist.

I’ve performed a variety of hockey through the years. I cherished the sport, and, in my youth, grew to become endeared to the skilled staff I believed greatest represented my native roots and ideologies, in the end self-defining as a “die-hard” fan supporting their trigger.

It took me 3 a long time to comprehend that whether or not it’s hockey, soccer, foozball, or the closest chapter of Brownies going head-to-head with different members of their membership to promote essentially the most cookies, competitors exists for a cause — to not carry out the very best of your expertise and skills, however to impress upon your thoughts that both you’re a part of a like-minded tribe, otherwise you’re an antagonist.

Skilled sport is the proper analogy for struggle/faith/politics. Both sides believes they’re “the very best,” either side believes God is of their nook, and either side believes dedication to the trigger will finally result in glory.

So why does Divide and Conquer work so effectively?

Due to a phrase we simply referenced 3 occasions in our earlier paragraph: BELIEF.

And what’s perception?

An incredible factor. It’s a phrase bandied about as carelessly as “love.”

I really like my spouse, I really like beer. I really like my youngsters, I really like my automotive.

I imagine in god, I imagine in science. I imagine in aliens, I imagine we’re alone within the Universe. I imagine in monogamy earlier than marriage, I imagine giving hand-jobs in highschool makes you in style.

I imagine, I imagine, I imagine…

I ain’t an enormous fan of that phrase.

If somebody begins a sentence with “I imagine,” you may just about assure open-mindedness gained’t be a part of the forthcoming dialog.

Why’s that?

As a result of beliefs are egoic definitions. When you rag on somebody’s perception, you assault the very nature of who they assume they’re. And, no shock, that pisses ‘em off.

True discourse between people hardly ever occurs this present day — not in a typical Western setting, anyway. You ever shut your mouth on the bar (once they was once open), sit again, and hear to 2 individuals speak? It’s fucking punishing. All they do is take turns babbling about themselves, ready for the opposite to path off to allow them to start once more, not listening to a phrase the opposite is saying until it pertains to a narrative about themselves, which they seize maintain of and twist into their very own related story.

Listening is a lifeless artwork. The secret is me, me, me. And in an effort to outline me, me, me — the ego — it’s essential to constantly expound the elements that comprise me, me, me — beliefs.

With out making this an excessive amount of of a semantics recreation, let’s level out the inherent downside with the phrase perception — at its easiest stage, it means “I don’t actually know for certain, however the mannequin I’m utilizing greatest serves my present understanding of this actuality.”

That might be fantastic and dandy if individuals acknowledged that truth.

However they don’t. Or perhaps they only don’t wish to.


Once more, as a result of perception is integral to an ego-personality. To redefine a perception means redefining self, which most individuals are terrified to do. It’s an admission of being mistaken or being silly. It’s a declaration to family and friends: “All of the shit I’ve been spouting for the final 20 years is fucking folly, so what does that say about my self-worth on this planet? Who the fuck am I???”

Beliefs are on the coronary heart of the Divide and Conquer technique, and so they’re instilled through faculties, religions, governments, and media. Dad and mom train their kiddies the “details” they discovered from their dad and mom, who discovered it from their dad and mom, and every technology retains propagating their inherited bullshit, with nary a crucial thought available.

So how can we break via the assumption entice?

By embracing a basic reality we will all relate to:

Direct expertise

Have you ever ever heard a human utter any of the next phrases?

I imagine in gravity.

I imagine in rain.

I imagine within the solar, I imagine within the moon.

I imagine jamming a scorching poker up my ass causes irritation.

In fact not.


As a result of we’ve all skilled these physicalities first hand. Effectively, perhaps not the poker factor, however we’ve all had our flesh singed sooner or later in our lives, permitting us to make an informed guess that purple scorching metal and sphincters don’t combine.

However how many people have met God head to head? How many people have been in orbit, or walked on the moon? How many people lived within the Cretaceous interval to know a comet worn out megalithic reptiles, or {that a} extremely dense amalgamation of supplies, with no identified origin, exploded unexpectedly 4.5 billion years in the past to incite the universe?

Just about none I do know, myself included.

However that doesn’t cease individuals from zealously shouting from the hilltops:

I imagine within the Large Bang!

I imagine in World Warming!

I imagine a sequence of genetic-coding, decided by a Polymerase Chain Response check utilizing wildly inconsistent cycle thresholds, ought to decide my must put on a surgical masks, rubber gloves, and stand six toes away from each human I encounter for the remainder of my life, whereas stringently following ludicrous one-way stickers pasted to the ground of each important enterprise I enter!

I imagine an experimental gene-therapy process works universally for each human on the planet (you already know, like fluoride), even though no two people react identically to a given dosage of petroleum-based medication or artificial medicine!

Not having direct expertise to show or disprove the data proffered is of no consequence in these conditions, as a result of the concepts are integral to defining one’s ego.

Except you’ve skilled a factor first-hand, your “perception” is nothing greater than idea. Ego-defining, bullshit idea, that ought to be discarded when new data is uncovered.

So why’s that so tough for most individuals to know?

Due to good ol’ science.

Science is meant to be our unbiased instrument to assist us perceive the truth we reside in. It’s purported to be dispassionate in commentary, neutral, and goal, and may embody all issues seen and unseen.

The scientific technique is straightforward: create an speculation, run an experiment, study the outcomes. Do the outcomes jive with the speculation? Sure? Run extra experiments to validate. No? Develop new hypotheses.

However in the event you haven’t been paying consideration for the final 300 years, science ain’t about impartiality. Science doesn’t like discarding theories when a shitload of cash is at stake. Science has way back change into the brand new international faith. When you dare query mainstream “scientific” details, you’re nothing greater than a savage, ignorant pagan, unworthy of a voice on Fb, YouTube, or Twitter.

The junk theories bandied about as “truth” are actually insulting to our species. Effectively, insulting to individuals who can nonetheless handle a crucial thought now and again. There are sufficient individuals on the market who query issues within the consolation of their dwelling, saying, “Hmm, one thing about this doesn’t fairly add up,” however won’t ever introduce that dialogue in public, for the fundamental concern of HDS — Holocaust Denier Syndrome. That’s a media-driven situation that boils all the way down to: “When you don’t settle for the official narrative, you could be a radical, extremist, conspiracy-nutjob, or terrorist. We might even put you in jail, or hearth you from upcoming episodes of the Mandalorian.”

Most individuals gained’t query a Fox Information story declaring “stress” to be a number one reason for bodily illnesses. Why? As a result of the general public can relate to “scientifically confirmed” findings via their very own direct expertise: overthinking mundane shit you are feeling the necessity to impossibly management tends to depart you drained, withered, and in poor health.

If individuals could make that connection, then why isn’t the corollary possible? If science admits detrimental ideas make you sick, why don’t they acknowledge optimistic ones can heal?

Scientists will concede the “placebo impact” is existential, however will shortly run away from their tenured roundtables earlier than expounding the implications of their constant observations.

How unusual.

If 35 p.c of a management group is healed taking sugar tablets as readily as those taking poisonous medicine, shouldn’t that spark an incentive to throw a billion {dollars} towards a government-funded think-tank to know why the impact is constant?

Apparently not.

You gained’t see too many Fox Information tales about therapeutic most cancers via laughter. Why? As a result of it’s absurd. Everybody is aware of that most cancers can solely be handled successfully by working repeated doses of poison via the physique, within the hope tumours die earlier than a human’s will to reside. It appears insane to jot down these phrases, however that’s the protocol of “superior” medical remedy. We snort at leech remedy, however let our family members go bald whereas being intravenously fed poisonous shit, all of the whereas ignoring the likelihood that our fashionable food plan and existence are on the very coronary heart of each one in every of our illnesses.

With these ideas in thoughts, let’s get to the crux of this submit…


Again to the fundamentals another time.

Do you bear in mind being an toddler, once you couldn’t stroll as a result of your muscular tissues and shoddy coordination simply weren’t as much as the duty?

Maybe not.

Do you bear in mind sporting diapers, as a result of rest room bowls didn’t exist in your radar?

Once more, not going.

However do you bear in mind the Tooth Fairy? Do you bear in mind when Santy Clause and the Easter Bunny had been reliable creatures influencing the alternatives in your life? Do you bear in mind the times once you used to meticulously digest every web page of a neighborhood newspaper, and shout out to anybody who’d hear: “I’ve the details! I’m knowledgeable! Take heed to what I’m sayin’ and agree with me, cuz in the event you don’t, you’re nothing greater than an ignorant peon who has no grasp of actuality!”

Enter Empathy

We don’t get mad at a 2-year-old for taking a dump of their pants, as a result of we all know they’re nonetheless studying. So what goal does an perspective of condescension and outrage serve when partaking one other soul who doesn’t resonate together with your “enlightened” philosophy?

Empathy is the belief you as soon as walked in one other’s Worth Village footwear. It’s a relentless consciousness that each human trekking this planet is in a singular state of development and private evolution — a journey you, your self, are engaged in — so ease off on hackneyed platitudes you are feeling the necessity to espouse towards so-called “sheeple,” acknowledging you as soon as grazed upon the minerally-deficient fields psychopathic shepherds led you into.

Conversely, if a psychological zombie needs to get all up in yer grill for not adhering to tyrannical guidelines, or begins quoting CNN as proof of your ignorant, evil nature, merely smile, thank them for his or her perception, and stroll away. Debating an imbecile is futile — all they’ll do is suck you all the way down to their stage, and beat you with expertise. Mark Twain might have stated that extra eloquently, however no matter…

Subsequent Resolution?


Totalitarianism is the sum product of our collective acts of obedience. We propagate our personal enslavement by constantly acquiescing to the more and more nonsensical and illogical directives spouted day by day by some douchebag in a masks standing behind a podium.

Absurd mandates take maintain due to concern campaigns. Primarily as a result of our society has been so traumatized psychologically and emotionally that it merely accepts no matter it’s informed, and complies accordingly. Secondarily due to a relentless media reminder that militarized order-followers are wandering the streets 24/7, hellbent on fining, arresting, or jailing dissidents unwilling to evolve to arbitrarily outlined rulesets. The sight of a half-dozen mounted police, with 30 extra on foot, gathering to arrest some poor dude promoting pulled-pork, is sufficient for many small-business house owners to resolve to not rock the lockdown boat.

However an necessary factor all of us want to recollect is that behind the armour, helmets, shields, TASERS and water-cannons, human beings exist. People with households and mates. People who’ll someday need to reconcile whether or not a paycheque and pension had been justifiable causes for standing atop the guard tower.

Empathy is as soon as once more your ace-in-the-hole to assist these people reacquaint themselves with their humanity. No heinous act perpetrated upon one other creature ought to be justified by the phrases: “I used to be simply following orders.”

On the subject of transferring ahead, violence ain’t the reply. Non-compliance is.

If you wish to change the world you reside in, you need to change the way in which you reside on the earth. It at all times begins with you. And if one other human is impressed by your instance, maybe they’ll comply with your lead, and make their very own useful modifications to the way in which they reside. When sufficient of us do this, the world as we all know it’ll change into a radically completely different place.

I’ve not as soon as been chastised for wandering the planet and not using a piece of material strapped to my face. Why? As a result of I greet everybody with a cheerful whats up and ear to ear smile. That immediately defuses many of the computerized admonishments of, “Sir, it is advisable put on a masks to be in right here,” to the purpose they merely ignore my non-adherence to an asinine rule, and let me buy my nugatory baubles with out incident. As effectively (in my smug thoughts), I think about it reminds them of what it was like to truly see one other human’s face of their workplace, maybe instilling inside their mind, “Hey, this freak is wandering about fearless and free, what’s to cease me from doing the identical? What’s to cease me from implementing a mask-optional coverage in my enterprise?”

Each act of non-compliance to government-imposed fascism (guidelines in direct contradiction of Pure Regulation) is a non secular win, irrespective of how small the act.

So what makes non-compliance attainable?


It’s at all times at your disposal, whether or not you notice or not. Options exist for each injustice offered to you by the puppet-masters. If a big-box retailer refuses you entry since you select to not asphyxiate your self with a face-diaper, there’s a bit market someplace down the street able to welcome you with open arms.

You’re not alone.

Like-minded allies at all times exist, however you’ll need to make an effort to search out them.

Insidiously, alternative can also be the narrative being offered to you at this very second, beneath the guise of: “We’ll by no means drive you to bear a medical process you’re uncomfortable with, however if you wish to play in our society, you’ll must comply with ever-morphing security guidelines we make up day-to-day. Vaccine passports won’t ever be carried out in our land of the free, however we might must sometime incorporate “health-screening-apps” to maintain us all protected from new plagues or attainable home terror assaults*”

(*see China)

Are you getting this? The brand new recreation on the desk is to make it so horribly inconvenient so that you can reside a traditional life that you simply’ll comply with any absurd decree offered by an authoritarian determine — solely to have them let you know of their subsequent breath your newest efforts weren’t fairly sufficient, and newer, extra draconian measures want be imposed, all within the title of your security and effectively being.

The cycle will proceed eternally till you select to interrupt it.

On that word, let’s finish with a pair ultimate ideas…

Life on Planet Madness is a journey of development and enlargement. The best ahead stride you’ll make entails the belief you’ve been manipulated your complete life by psychopaths who DO NOT HAVE your greatest pursuits at coronary heart.

Poison meals, poison water, poison air, poison medicine, poison data… are these the presents of benevolent caretakers, or the calling playing cards of deviants who wish to management your physique, thoughts, and soul?

Time to start out considering for your self once more.

Time to start out questioning all the pieces you’ve blindly accepted as truth.

If in case you have the cojones to start that course of, there’s probability you could uncover many of the belongings you’ve endeared as “true” to be nothing greater than contrived constructs that rightfully belong within the nearest metaphysical dumpster.

However don’t let that unsettle you. Purging your laborious drive of corrupt code frees up house in your machine to soak up new data — alternatives to obtain new perception utilizing an open-minded method that when once more engages your creativity and creativeness.

There’s a street enroll forward within the distance, nevertheless it’s gonna take a little bit of effort to get there. When you squint excellent, you might be able to make out the only phrase written upon it…


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