Not laborious

Have you ever ever seen this silly slogan?

It’s bullshit, via and thru. It’s wishful pondering by meatheads.

I agree with Abe:

An obsession with “laborious” masculinity is a really previous trope, however one which continues to plague us. It’s typically supported by facile historic comparisons that crumble upon nearer inspection, however it stays one of the dependable instruments for manipulating males into an entire array of dangerous behaviors. Self-destructive displaying off, home abuse, abusive relationships between pals, violence, help for political “robust males”, help for battle, hatred of “weak spot”, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia – all of the traits we presently categorize as “poisonous masculinity” are typically supported by the notion that being a “laborious man” is an effective factor, and being not that could be a dangerous factor. I feel this Lonerbox video is an effective companion piece to Thought Slime’s earlier take a look at the identical matter, from a distinct angle. The fact is that this psuedo-historical “historic knowledge” is each a-historical and (in my view) instrumental in creating laborious instances.

He has the hyperlink to the Lonerbox video, which is a must-watch. The entire thing is nice, however the final line particularly is a killer.

Even prehistory refutes the declare. Have a look at Neandertals: larger than us, extra robustly boned, robust, lively hunters of massive sport, actually laborious males. Then they acquired supplanted by a bunch of sneaky, gracile, skinny (comparatively) boys from the south. People have by no means relied on being a extra muscular species than anybody else.

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