One thing Stinks, However This Time it Ain’t my Ass…

I’m undecided when frequent sense and important considering ceased to be defining traits of the human-animal, however every time I enterprise into public today, it’s clear to me these as soon as helpful abilities now exist within the land of the dodo.

However as a substitute of getting myself riled up interested by silly motherfuckers cruising alone of their cookie-cutter SUV’s sporting face-nappies, or the infinite stream of jagoffs slathering their fingers in chemical compounds every time they really feel the necessity to paw one thing new, our time at present will probably be significantly better spent sharing perspective — perspective in regards to the ludicrous spin, bullshit, and outright lies our trusted “info suppliers” inundate us with each day.

Let’s contemplate the most important elephant within the room for instance…

There’s loads of anxiousness and confusion on the market regarding an experimental mRNA remedy know-how that’s making its approach ’around the planet. Pfizer-BioNTech calls it BNT162b2, and the mainstream media refers to it because the COVID-19 vaccine — the miracle remedy that can deliver normalcy again to the insane asylum we lovingly check with as Earth.

As a substitute of convoluting this publish with semantics of what a vaccine is or isn’t, and why gene remedy is a much more correct time period for Pfizer’s emergency-approved remedy, let’s simply reduce to the chase…

After an unprecedented development-period of solely a 12 months, Pfizer introduced to the world it had produced a “vaccine” 95% efficient within the prevention of the COVID-19 plague. Astonishing!

So how precisely did they derive this declaration of efficacy?

Let’s discover out, utilizing the great ol’ Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention as our trusted supply of unbiased info…

Pfizer’s deduction of “effectiveness” comes all the way down to the comparative evaluation of who received sick within the vaccine group, versus who received sick within the placebo group.

The maths mainly goes like this:

100 x [1 – (8 / 162)] = 95%

And voila!! Our miracle remedy is right here!

Sounds spectacular in a headline or soundbite, don’t it? However what does that quantity actually imply? Let’s contemplate in a multiple-choice format:

A. If you happen to take this drug, you’ll be 95% much less more likely to contract a PCR-confirmed, symptomatic COVID ailment in comparison with folks getting sugar-water injections.

B. You’ll develop lifelong immunity to the plague.

C. You gained’t unfold the virus to others if you happen to’re asymptomatic.

D. Not one of the above, however Jesus loves you.

Pfizer’s an infection ratio is a statistical type of pure bullshit — a distinction of 154 circumstances out of 34,922 check topics.

If you wish to perceive effectiveness in a extra correct gentle, let’s crunch the numbers once more — this time primarily based on a sensible evaluation that’s divorced from the self-policing, Huge Pharma spin which stands to web trillions from a drug legally protected towards legal responsibility for opposed reactions and deaths.


17,403 out of the 17,411 topics within the vaccine group didn’t change into unwell*.
(*in accordance with Pfizer’s chosen scientific definition of a COVID an infection)

That interprets to 99.954%



17,349 out of 17511 topics within the placebo group didn’t change into unwell both*. (*in accordance with Pfizer’s chosen scientific definition of a COVID an infection)

That interprets to 99.075%

So what precisely does that imply?

Let’s do the maths…

99.954 – 99.075 = 0.879

That’s lower than a 1% distinction.

If investigative journalists nonetheless existed (which they don’t), they usually have been allowed to share concepts with out censorship (which they’ll’t), right here’s an instance of a headline (primarily based on the numbers from the CDC) that you just may end up studying in your smartphone one morning whereas consuming poisonous toaster pastries…

Pfizer vaccine clinically confirmed to supply an nearly 1% larger probability of safety towards COVID-19

If consideration spans in our society have been slightly longer, you may learn one thing like this:

Pfizer has been given emergency medical approval for a brand new, never-before-approved mRNA remedy know-how. If you happen to select to obtain this remedy twice, you should have a 0.88% larger probability of not changing into contaminated by a light case of COVID-19. Pfizer has no information figuring out immunity from future an infection, nor information regarding safety towards asymptotic transmission. Animal trials to observe.

Are you beginning to perceive how spin works? The 95% quantity compares folks with sickness, however fully reductions the overwhelming majority of members who didn’t change into sick.

Crunch the numbers for your self.

So let’s reiterate this another time, BonerFruit fashion:

If you wanna be a guinea pig for an experimental, never-before-approved mRNA remedy know-how with no long-term research, the Pfizer vaccine will provide you with a 0.879% larger probability of not changing into contaminated with COVID-19. If you happen to’re cautious of “vaccine” negative effects, you’ll be able to take 2 placebo jabs, 14 days aside, and have a 99.075% probability of not contracting COVID-19.

If you happen to’re really involved with enhancing your psychological and bodily nicely being, I’ll offer you some recommendation…

Flip off the fucking information. And by no means once more take to coronary heart the bullshit propaganda that corporate-controlled douchebags spout from their speaking heads. Perhaps eat some clear meals too, now and again. A hike via the woods wouldn’t harm both.

It’s time to relearn methods to suppose for your self. If that notion scares you, then I’ve another suggestion you is likely to be extra attuned to…

Put on a diaper in your face for the remainder of your life. Perhaps 2 diapers. Hell, why await a WHO suggestion to quintuple masks? Begin at present! You’ll ship a message to household and buddies that “saving lives” is all that issues, when you slowly trigger your self mind harm asphyxiating by yourself carbon dioxide and bacterial output.

Your name.

Peace out, I’m gonna go take a dump.

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