Orange-Bellied Parrots


Orange-bellied Parrots stay in Victoria and Tasmania and South Australia. They’re one of many few migratory parrot species on this planet. The Orange-bellied Parrot is critically endangered with fewer than 50 left within the wild! Additionally it is Australia’s most threatened fowl species.


Orange-bellied Parrots are inexperienced with blue wings and a blue stripe throughout their foreheads. Its stomach is orange just like the identify suggests and the tail is yellow. It’s 20cm lengthy and 45-50g. They’re very uncommon to seek out out within the wild as a result of they’re fewer than 50 left.

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Eating regimen

The Orange-bellied parrot is a herbivore which implies it solely eats crops they eat seeds, fruits and flowers. When they’re in Tasmania they eat crops referred to as glasswort, and different fruits. They eat the seeds off glasswort this can be a essential factor to their survival.


The parrots, as soon as their breeding season has ended, fly throughout the Bass Strait (the ocean separating Tasmania to Australia). Then they settle in Victoria and South Australia close to the ocean.

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Main Threats

One of many predominant threats to this parrot is the latest outbreak of a pandemic referred to as Beak and Feather. Beak and Feather is a illness that have an effect on the birds beak and feathers. It’s a lethal illness and never many birds can get better. One other menace is habitat loss, logging and constructing houses. Lastly, there’s noxious weeds which might be toxic and can kill the fowl.


  1. In February 2017 the Orange-bellied Parrot numbers went all the way down to solely 17 left.

  2. These parrots have been combating extinction because the Nineteen Seventies.

  3. Zoos all world wide have been serving to to combat extinction, Healesville sanctuary being one in all them.

  4. There are about 320 Orange-bellied parrots in captivity.

  5. Its scientific identify Neophema chrysogaster in greek means Golden Stomach.

Supply: Zoo.org.au

Go to Zoo.org.au if you wish to donate to assist these birds combat extinction.

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