Our spaceflight heritage: A dialog with Fred Haise

Apollo 13 Lunar Module Pilot (LMP) Fred Haise, center, speaks with NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, right, and Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy, left, at NASA’s Stennis Space Center on Dec. 7, 2021. Credit: Scott Johnson / SpaceFlight Insider

Apollo 13 Lunar Module Pilot (LMP) Fred Haise, heart, speaks with NASA Administrator Invoice Nelson, proper, and Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy, left, at NASA’s Stennis Area Heart on Dec. 7, 2021. Credit score: Scott Johnson / SpaceFlight Insider


STENNIS SPACE CENTER, Miss. — On Dec. 7, 2021, Spaceflight Insider was on website at NASA’s Stennis Area Heart (SSC) in south Mississippi for a go to by the company’s administrator, Invoice Nelson, and deputy administrator, Pam Melroy.

Nelson and Melroy met with SSC’s Director, Rick Gilbrech and toured varied heart services.

On the finish of the day, Nelson and Melroy presided over a ceremony commemorating the 2020 designation of SSC’s A-1 Take a look at Stand because the “Fred Haise Take a look at Stand.”

Haise Handout - Front

Credit score: NASA

Haise, Apollo 13 Lunar Module Pilot (LMP), is a local of Mississippi and is a long-time supporter of SSC and the close by INFINITY Science Heart, which serves as SSC’s customer heart.

The A-1 Take a look at Stand was accomplished in 1967 and was first used to check the Saturn V second stage and its 5 J-2 engines. Since then, the stand has been used to check single J-2, J-2X, SSME / RS-25, and XRS-2200 Linear Aerospike engines.

After the ceremony, Spaceflight Insider had a possibility for a short dialog with Haise.

The story of Apollo 13 is nicely documented, so we tried to hit on a wide range of different topics.

A transcript of the dialog is under:

Spaceflight Insider: Good to fulfill you Mr. Haise.

Haise: Okay. Hey. The place are you positioned?

Spaceflight Insider: I stay in Alabama, so my major territory is Marshall, however I get down right here [Stennis] . . .

Haise: OK.

Spaceflight Insider: and Michoud too, however . . . .

Haise: I can inform by that accent.

Spaceflight Insider: Coming from a Mississippi boy . . . . Mine could also be worse. Fred, like I discussed, my major space is Marshall. And I assume Stennis was once part of Marshall?

Haise: It was. You’re proper.

Spaceflight Insider: Mississippi Take a look at Facility?

Haise: That’s right.

Spaceflight Insider: Again within the day?

Haise: Yep. Actually, [Wernher] von Braun had an workplace on this constructing [SSC Building 1200].

Spaceflight Insider: And I requested [C.] Lacy [Thompson, News Chief, NASA Office of Communication, SSC] about that. I’ve heard about it earlier than. It’s up on the tower, up there.

Haise: It was up and down.

Spaceflight Insider: Have you ever been up there?

Haise: No, I’ve not. Now, we had his desk, and cellphone, and issues like that. We had it at INFINITY Science Heart.

Spaceflight Insider: Is it there now?

Haise: I don’t know if it’s nonetheless there.

Thompson: I can’t keep in mind if it’s nonetheless there, or not. But it surely was an exhibit at one time.

Haise: Yea, for one time.

Thompson: Right here, and sure.

Spaceflight Insider: Nicely, I keep in mind, was it Apollo 4 that was out right here, that’s over there now?

Haise: Apollo 4 is correct.

Spaceflight Insider: Ended up over there?

Haise: Over at INFINITY now. Sure, and it was right here.

Spaceflight Insider: Yea, I keep in mind seeing it right here a number of . . . , as a result of it hasn’t been moved lengthy, has it? A couple of years?

Haise: No, we moved it, most likely . . . We opened in 2005. I believe we did.

Thompson: Infinity was 2012.

Haise: 2012.

Thompson: Sure sir.

Haise: And we moved it shortly after that.

Thompson: Proper.

Spaceflight Insider: OK, alright. I assume it’s been longer than I believed. [Note: The Apollo 4 Command Module was moved to INFINITY on Oct. 29, 2017.] I simply wished to ask you, do you’ve gotten, since I do cowl Marshall, largely, do you’ve gotten any recollections about spending any time up there again within the ’60s, or early ’70s?

Haise: Nicely, I hung out there with the [lunar] rover, once I educated for Apollo 16. Marshall was the prime overseer, program administration smart, on the rover automobile. So, I hung out there. I spent extra time then after I left NASA, and was with the Grumman Company. And I had contracts with Marshall, as a contractor.

Spaceflight Insider: Certain.

Haise: And so, , I hung out there nurturing these contracts, and hoping for one thing greater. And that was most likely within the early ‘80s, in that time-frame.

Spaceflight Insider: OK. Alright. Now, for Apollo 16, you have been backup . . . Which function have been you in?

Haise: I used to be backup commander to John Younger.

Spaceflight Insider: OK. Alright.

Haise: John was the Commander.

Spaceflight Insider: After which, I assume, kind of a coincidence, Ken Mattingly, ended up on that flight.

Haise: Proper.

Spaceflight Insider: And, in fact, he had an enormous function in your flight?

Haise: Nicely, he simply went to the subsequent cycle. See, we cycled, usually, three flights. Now, [Apollo] 13 was the one exception. We should always have flown [Apollo] 14, as a result of we have been the backup on [Apollo] 11, however they wished to provide that crew, the backup crew, the prime crew – Shepard and Stu Roosa – had by no means educated.

Spaceflight Insider: OK.

Haise: So, they wished to provide them extra time, so that they moved us forward a flight. So, we flew [Apollo] 13 early, so to talk. As a result of, we had cycled by two coaching cycles. I’d educated for [Apollo] 8 and [Apollo] 11.

Spaceflight Insider: And, for [Apollo] 11, you have been again up?

Haise: To Buzz.

Spaceflight Insider: To Buzz. Lunar Module Pilot?

Haise: Proper. Yea.

Spaceflight Insider: After which, you have been on the rotation, if I perceive accurately, for one of many canceled flights? Was it [Apollo] 18?

Haise: [Apollo] 19. [Apollo] 16, plus three, would have been [Apollo] 19, yea.

Spaceflight Insider: OK.

Haise: And I had Stu Roosa, and . . . . Not Stu Roosa, Ed Mitchell.

Spaceflight Insider: From [Apollo] 14?

Haise: From [Apollo] 14. And ended up with me on that [Apollo] 16 backup [crew].

Spaceflight Insider: OK.

Haise: As a result of they moved Jerry Carr, and Invoice Pogue, who was going to be the crew with me on [Apollo] 19.

Spaceflight Insider: To Skylab?

Haise: Deke [Slayton] moved them to Skylab, to provide them a flight, as a result of we have been working out of seats, about that point. So, Deke [Slayton] moved them to Skylab.

Spaceflight Insider: What do you keep in mind about that [Apollo] 19 getting canceled? How’d you discover out about that?

Haise: We’ll, it was simply one other level of disappointment, as a result of I used to be geared, and actually hoping, and I might have flown it with Jerry Carr, and Invoice Pogue, which might have been all three of the “Unique 19” Group [Astronaut Group 5 – chosen in 1966]. Yep. Plus Jerry and I have been each Marines, so we might have had two Marines on the moon.

Spaceflight Insider: I assume that they had an all Navy crew, however this may have been a . . . .

Haise: No, no Marine ever landed.

Spaceflight Insider: Oh actually? OK. I didn’t . . . .

Thompson: Oh wow. I didn’t know that.

Spaceflight Insider: I didn’t know that.

Haise: No, no Marine ever landed on the moon.

Spaceflight Insider: Nicely, nearly.

Haise: Nearly.

Spaceflight Insider: I don’t wish to take up anymore of your time.

Thompson: We don’t wish to maintain you up . . . .

Spaceflight Insider: Thanks for speaking with us. I respect it.

Haise: Good luck to you.

Spaceflight Insider: Thanks.


Scott earned each a Bachelor’s Diploma in public administration, and a legislation diploma, from Samford College in Birmingham, Alabama. He at present practices legislation within the Birmingham suburb of Homewood. Scott first remembers visiting Marshall Area Flight Heart in 1978 to get an up-close take a look at the primary orbiter, Enterprise, which had been transported to Huntsville for dynamic testing. Extra just lately, in 2006, he participated in an effort at america Area and Rocket Heart (USSRC) to revive the long-neglected Skylab 1-G Coach. This led to a volunteer place, with the USSRC curator, the place he labored for a number of years sustaining reveals and archival materials, together with flown house {hardware}.

Scott attended the STS – 110, 116 and 135 shuttle launches, together with Ares I-X, Atlas V MSL and Delta IV NROL-15 launches. Extra just lately, he coated the Atlas V SBIRS GEO-2 and MAVEN launches, together with the Antares ORB-1, SpaceX CRS-3, and Orion EFT-1 launches.

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