Ponath Takes Full Management Of NSB

Helmut Ponath, founder and long-time managing director of the German delivery firm NBS Group, has taken full management of the corporate.

Since 2000, the shareholders of the Buxtehude-based NSB Group have consisted of 4 homeowners: Conti NSB Holding, Gebab Holding, Norddeutsche Reederei Holding and Buxriver. In December 2021, the 4 shareholders signed the contract to switch their all shares to Ponath’s Buxriver.

“In doing so, they’re handing over the corporate to the one which has all the time been most concerned within the operation of the delivery firm. We’ll use the brand new shareholder constellation extra intensively to proceed the transformation of the corporate beneath the NSB GROUP model. We thank the shareholders who’ve reliably accompanied us for greater than 20 years,” mentioned NSB Group CEO Tim Ponath.

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