Prebiotic Muffins and an Air of Unreality

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Suppose I gave you a cookbook with a recipe for muffins that learn like this:


All-purpose flour OR unmilled grain (both may match, or not, relying on situations). Some, however not an excessive amount of. Be affordable.

Eggs in case you have them. Undecided what number of. Possibly none.

Sugar: glucose, sucrose, and fructose are all candidates. Different carbohydrates could also be potential, nonetheless checking on that.

Salt, though atypical mud will do if its sodium content material is excessive sufficient.

Milk? Hm, most likely not. There’s the issue of getting the cow first.

Vanilla? Positively not. Vanilla beans want vanilla orchids…overlook that.

Baking powder: okay, that’s simply sodium bicarbonate and an acid salt. Difficult however a lot simpler to acquire than milk or vanilla (or wheat or eggs, frankly).


Combine nicely, then warmth for some time (strive totally different intervals) in muffin-sized containers. Hope for one of the best. 

Prebiotic muffins aren’t going to occur. Ever.

“Prebiotic Soup Recipes”

However there’s a cookbook being proposed for “prebiotic soup recipes” — that’s, mixtures of non-living chemical compounds plausibly current on the early Earth, which can have been key constituents of the residing state. You may learn in regards to the cookbook concept right here (open entry): “The Prebiotic Kitchen: A Information to Composing Prebiotic Soup Recipes to Check Origins of Life Hypotheses.”

The paper is evident in regards to the origin-of-life (OOL) problem and the necessity to strive totally different recipes:

Whereas it’s nicely documented that many chemical compounds concerned in biochemistry may be synthesized abiotically, the most important excellent drawback in understanding the origins of life is how the elements of prebiotic soup got here to be organized in techniques able to emergent processes equivalent to progress, self-propagation, data processing, and adaptive evolution. On condition that prebiotic soups could have been composed of thousands and thousands of distinct compounds, every at a low focus, one other thriller is how processes winnowed this molecular variety all the way down to the few compounds it utilized by biology right this moment, that are a tiny subset of the various compounds that might have arisen from abiotic processes. Consequently, it is very important perceive how advanced mixtures of dilute natural molecules generated by environmental processes may have been “tamed” to present rise to the much less numerous however extra organized chemistry of metabolism.1

If prebiotic muffins are by no means going to occur, nevertheless (and nobody thinks muffins occur that manner — it’s an analogy), what justifies prebiotic soup recipes?

The paragraph cited above offers wonderful causes — e.g., “thousands and thousands of distinct compounds, every at a low focus” — to suppose that the bottom-up, undirected-chemistry-first method to the OOL could also be lacking one thing necessary: particularly, that “chemistry first” is definitely fallacious. As James Tour has usually defined, undirected chemistry by itself shouldn’t be solely detached to the residing state, it’s actively hostile.

A Fork within the Logic Tree

However think about the rationale supplied by the prebiotic cookbook authors (emphasis added):

We propose that because the profitable bottom-up origins of life analysis program is barely possible if abiogenesis is a fairly sturdy phenomenon, that means that it doesn’t require very particular, cosmically uncommon situations, the will to generate an ideal simulacrum of prebiotic chemistry shouldn’t stop makes an attempt to generate affordable approximations that bracket a number of the uncertainty. 

There’s a fork deep within the logic tree right here which wants mentioning, as a result of the cookbook authors don’t say something about it. Let’s return to the muffin analogy, damaged down now into the principle premise and the inferences drawn from it:

  1. PREMISE: prebiotic muffins are a fairly sturdy phenomenon.
  2. INFERENCE: due to this fact looking for prebiotic muffin recipes is definitely worth the effort.
  3. INFERENCE: due to this fact we will permit ourselves some bracketing of unsolved issues. Baking soda, salt, and sugar could also be assumed as givens; posit flour or unmilled grain in the interim; eggs, milk, and vanilla are admittedly a stretch. However we’re engaged on it.

The unmentioned fork, after all, happens at (1), with “abiogenesis” taking the place of “prebiotic muffins.” What if abiogenesis — the undirected OOL from chemistry — is NOT a “moderately sturdy phenomenon”?

Then composing prebiotic recipes, regardless of how quite a few or diverse, is a hopeless endeavor, whose sheer unreality is clear to anybody for whom premise (1) is an unsupported, or just false, conjecture.

Sheer Unreality

The air of sheer unreality continues to the very finish of the prebiotic kitchen article:

Solely by means of bottom-up, untargeted strategies can we decide what features of mobile biochemistry had been inevitable for any residing system given the precise chemistry of Earth, or had been, as a substitute, “frozen accidents.”

However no experimentation utilizing “bottom-up, untargeted strategies” is required to know that x (the genetic code, let’s say) was a “frozen accident,” as a result of no experimentation is even potential, if the origin of x truly WAS a frozen accident (probabilistically, a singularity or one-off occasion). The entire level of invoking a frozen accident for the origin of x is to get across the complete absence of repeatable experimental help or a deterministic chemical pathway. The cookbook authors notice this early of their article, after they say that bottom-up approaches are price pursuing provided that “very particular, cosmically uncommon situations” are not required for abiogenesis — the place “very particular, cosmically uncommon situations” are synonymous with “frozen accident.”

Experiments don’t present us which occasions are frozen accidents. By their very nature, they will’t. The logical construction of any bodily experiment is if antecedent situation obtains, then observable end result follows. Common or repeatable outcomes are what profitable recipes and experiments present. “Frozen accident,” against this, is barely an evocative label for “one thing occurred, however we don’t have a clue what it was, so we can’t outline or reconstruct antecedent situation p.” Experiments and frozen accidents thus inhabit separate evidential universes. In a type of universes, science is feasible.

The Final Phrase

Francis Crick understood this. Within the broadly cited 1968 paper the place he proposed the frozen accident situation for the origin of the genetic code, he ends with a skeptical and cautionary word about his personal speculation. It’s becoming to present him the final phrase:

The speculation appears believable however as a concept it suffers from a significant defect: it’s too accommodating. In a unfastened type of manner it could clarify something. A second drawback is that the early steps wanted to get the system going appear to require reasonably a whole lot of likelihood impact. A concept of this kind shouldn’t be essentially ineffective if one can get on the details experimentally. Sadly, on this drawback that is simply what’s so tough to do.2

Muffins, anybody?


  1. Footnote numbers omitted.
  2. Francis Crick, “The Origin of the Genetic Code,” Journal of Molecular Biology 38 (1968):367-79; p. 378. 

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