Predatory behaviour within the fossil document

 The fossil document is replete [1-3] with examples of predation that predate the looks of people on Earth, so there may be little have to enchantment to additional fossil discoveries to determine what’s patently clear; dying and predation have existed properly earlier than the looks of people on this planet, falsifying any literal studying of the Bible which insists that dying and predation solely appeared after Adam’s sin. Having stated that, a current paper is value noting merely due to how spectacular the instance of predatory behaviour demonstrated by the fossil discovery is.

The 2020 paper [4] by Jiang et al describes a fossilised 5 metre ichthyosaur that comprises inside it the stays of a 4 meter thalattosaur. The graphical summary says the whole lot:

At roughly 240 million years, the fossil because the authors be aware doubtless represents the oldest instance of megafaunal predation by a marine animal. 

Abdomen contents of the fossilised ichthyosaur.

For example of predation this fossil is definitely spectacular and serves as an eloquent refutation of fundamentalist misinterpretations of the Bible that assert dying and predation have been unknown previous to Adam’s sin.


2. Adiël A. Klompmakera et al 

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