Sea Turtles


For thousands and thousands of years Sea Turtles have been roaming earth, they’ve a vital position for the marine life they dwell amongst. There are seven totally different species of Sea Turtles on this planet and every variety is endangered. They’re the Hawksbill Turtle, the Loggerhead Turtle, the Leatherback Turtle, the Flatback turtle, the Inexperienced Turtle, the Kemp Ridley and the Olive Ridley Turtle.

Why they matter?

Sea turtles assist keep the well being of our kelp beds and coral reefs so smaller animals can shelter in them. Inexperienced turtles graze on seagrass to maintain the appropriate vitamins degree, with much less inexperienced turtles the seagrass mattress are getting overgrown and interfering with ocean currents. Hawksbill turtles hold the extent of sea sponges at bay within the coral reefs. Too many sea sponges will make competitors onerous within the reef. Leatherback Turtles eat a number of jellyfish (round 200 kg a day) and cease massive plenty of them in a single space.


Sea turtles journey between land and sea and swim 1000’s of ocean miles throughout their lengthy lifetimes. Females come onto seashores to put a whole bunch of eggs, but solely a handful survive their first 12 months of life. Past these pure occurrences there are nonetheless many threats attributable to people.

Air pollution

Sea turtles typically mistake plastic luggage as jellyfish and might choke on them. Discarded fishing gear can be actually unhealthy for turtles as a result of they get tousled in it and are unable to swim or eat. Trash on the seashores can entangle hatchlings making it unimaginable to succeed in the ocean and oil spills can kill turtles of all ages. The CSIRO Ocean & Environment estimated that 52% of turtles have ingested garbage.

Habitat Loss

Sea turtles all the time come again to the identical seashore they hatched from to put their eggs, but it surely’s not that straightforward. Uncontrolled car site visitors on seashores, and different human actions have destroyed or disturbed sea turtle nesting seashores world wide. The road lights confuse the hatchlings away from the water and folks stroll over nests day after day compacting sand and breaking shells. World warming has warmed up the oceans burning the coral reefs and seagrass they feed on making it tougher to search out meals.

Unlawful Buying and selling & Poaching

Sea Turtles are poached and traded for his or her eggs, meat, pores and skin and their shells. Sadly, this is among the important explanation why they’re endangered. The Hawksbill turtles normally get poached for his or her lovely golden brown shells that are used to create jewellery and different objects. That is the primary motive why Hawksbills are critically endangered. Tens of 1000’s of turtles are misplaced this fashion yearly, devastating the already endangered populations. Although Buying and selling and Poaching has been banned by CITES (Conference on Worldwide Commerce in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna & Flora) nonetheless, unlawful practises persist.

How You Can Assist

  • Scale back: Each plastic piece you don’t purchase, is one much less piece of plastic that may find yourself within the ocean. In case you cease shopping for plastic, there will not be as a lot demand so not as a lot revenue for the large corporations.

  • Keep away from single-use plastic: Use a reusable purchasing bag as an alternative of a plastic bag, and be careful for different plastic objects like espresso cups and moist wipes.

  • Keep away from microplastic: Plastic items smaller than 5 mm in size are known as microplastics. Microplastics have been discovered all over the place from the deepest half within the Mariana trench to inside animals and people.


  1. The oldest sea turtle fossil is a minimum of 120 million years previous, which means they shared the planet with the dinosaurs.

  2. Leatherback Turtles can journey as much as 16,000 km or extra to eat sufficient jellyfish.

  3. Inexperienced turtles can maintain their breath underwater for so long as 5 hours! To do that they sluggish their coronary heart price to 1 beat per 9 minutes, saving oxygen.

  4. The leatherback turtle is the biggest of all residing turtles and might develop to weigh about 600kg

  5. A hatchling’s gender is dependent upon the temperature of the nest. Hotter temperatures produce extra females whereas extra males emerge from cooler temperatures.

  6. Hawksbill turtles have beaks and use them to eat sea sponges there favorite meals.

  7. Sea Turtles cannot disguise of their shells not like different turtles.

  8. Turtles do not have tooth.

  9. The most important leatherback recorded was 2.5m lengthy and 900kg.

  10. Females make attention-grabbing noises when migrating.

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