SICB 2022! – Anole Annals

Date Session Authors Title Jan 4 P1 Johnson, M/R*; Murphy, Ok/M; Warner, D/A The impact of the egg-shell microbiome on embryo growth and hatchling phenotypes in an oviparous lizard  Inter- and Intra-specific Interactions  Jan 4 8 Kahrl, AF*; Kustra, MC; Reedy, AM; Bhave, R; Seears, HA; Warner, DA; Cox, RM Choice on sperm depend, however not on sperm morphology or velocity, in a wild inhabitants of Anolis lizards  Sexual Choice: Competitors  Jan 4 17 Wittman, TN; Robinson, CD; Cox, RM* Genetic variance in phenotypic responsiveness of Anolis lizards to testosterone   Sexual Choice  Jan 5 P2 George, J*; Browne, I; Gignac, P; O’Brien, H Designing 3D printed braces for imaging the carolina anole (Anolis carolinensis) dewlap musculature utilizing diceCT   Biomaterials  Jan 5 S5 Cheu, AY*; Reed, SA; Mann, SD; Bergmann, PJ Kinematic variations between working on water versus working on land in Anolis sagrei  S5: Lesser recognized transitions: organismal type and performance throughout abiotic gradients  Jan 5 33 Nicholson, DJ*; Knell, RJ; McCrea, R; McMillan, WO; Neel, LK; Chung, AK; Curlis, JD; Garner, TWJ; Cox, CL; Logan, ML Uncommon local weather occasions and competitors constrain institution success in Anolis lizards  Terrestrial Inhabitants Ecology  Jan 6 P3 Grossen, TL; Bunnam, AD*; Cohen, RE Circadian gene expression throughout reproductive phases within the inexperienced anole lizard (Anolis carolinensis) mind   Foraging and Neuroethology  Jan 6 P3 Gleason, GS*; Gunderson, A Cooking eggs: Testing for Plasticity within the warmth tolerance of lizard embryos  Thermal Biology  Jan 6 56 Wang, W*; Gunderson, AR Lizard sperm in altering setting: The physiological ecology of sperm thermal efficiency   Reproductive Physiology  Jan 6 67 Wuthrich, KL*; Nagel, A; Swierk, L Speedy physique coloration change offers lizards with facultative crypsis within the eyes of their avian predators  Sensory Ecology and Sign Evolution  Jan 6 69 Norris, MC*; Brown, OE; Warner, DA An experimental take a look at of the environmental matching speculation in an oviparous lizard  Micro Eco Evo Devo  Jan 6 74 Blanchette, A*; Gopal, A; Finkelstein, ME; Karubian, J; Gunderson, AR Lead publicity within the brown anole (Anolis sagrei) in New Orleans, Louisiana  Anthropogenic and Local weather Change Affect on Conduct  Jan 6 77 Pirani, RM*; Curlis, JD; Arias, C; McMilian, O; Cox, C; Logan, ML Uncovering the ecological and genetic foundation of a sexual sign: the dewlap of the Panamanian slender anole (Anolis apletophallus)  Animal Communication  Jan 6 77 Johnson, LE*; Ladner, JT; Singhal, S; Losos, JB; Johnson, MA Does lizard show habits comply with the ideas of sign efficacy?  Animal Communication  Jan 6 83 Bodensteiner, BL*; Muñoz, MM Adaptive radiation with out unbiased levels of trait evolution in a lineage of Caribbean anoles  DEE Greatest Scholar Presentation: Ray Huey Award  Jan 7 100 Pruett, JE*; Warner, DA The consequences of predator presence on nesting habits and survival within the brown anole (Anolis sagrei)  Predator-Prey Interactions  Jan 7 113 Winchell, KM Parallel efficiency: Practical morphology of Anolis lizards tailored to city environments  Adapting to a Altering Setting Jan 5 45 Muell, MR*; Oaks, JR; Warner, DA The evolution of thermal developmental plasticity throughout Anolis lizards – a comparative method  DPCB Greatest Scholar Presentation: David & Marvalee Wake Award Jan 6 P3 Lagorio, AD*; Fields, M; Fortner, J; Mackareth, E; Perez, C; McGechie, F; Wilken, A; Leal, M; Ward, CV; Middleton , KM; Holliday , CM Adventures in 3D musculoskeletal modeling strategies within the heads of Anolis  Cranium Morphology  Jan 6 P3 Yates, S.S*; Gunderson, A Repeatability and correlation amongst thermal traits within the lizard Anolis sagrei  Thermal Biology  Jan 6 77 Rej, J.E*; Gunderson, A.R Thermal dependence of species interactions: does temperature impact aggressive outcomes between native and invasive Anolis lizards?  Animal Communication Jan 7 S10 Foster, KL*; Selvitella, AM Anolis ecomorph biomechanics throughout arboreal environments: What can machine studying inform us about behavioral plasticity in lizards?  S10: Integrating ecology and biomechanics to research patterns of phenotypic range: Evolution, growth, and purposeful traits

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