SICB 2022: Let’s Chat about Lizard Sperm!

Mr. Wayne Wang from Tulane College.

It’s no shock that reproductive traits are essential for the survival and health of species- significantly within the face of fixing environments. What I realized from Mr. Wayne Wang’s speak at SICB 2022, although, was that male fertility is commonly extra heat-sensitive than feminine fertility and even grownup thermal tolerance! Wayne is a 3rd yr Ph.D. scholar at Tulane College underneath Dr. Alex Gunderson and at SICB this yr, he mentioned his preliminary outcomes on Cuban brown anole (Anolis sagrei) sperm thermal tolerance and mobility.

In some species, the temperature related to infertility in males is commonly a greater determinant of inhabitants distribution than grownup thermal tolerance. Moreover, sperm are underneath sturdy choice as a result of solely few make the journey to fertilize an egg (which suggests that also they are probably the most extremely various cell sorts). Mr. Wang seen that within the literature, there’s a giant concentrate on sperm morphology, somewhat than physiological traits like mobility or velocity. In his speak, he sought to 1) check thermal tolerance of sperm, 2) check repeatability of thermal tolerance, and three) establish any correlations between sperm and grownup thermal tolerance in A. sagrei. He started by rounding up some lizards and copulating them till they ejaculated sperm, which he states is quite a bit simpler course of than one may think. Sperm had been diluted and incubated at numerous temperatures till movies had been recorded to measure sperm motility.

Mr. Wang discovered that A. sagrei sperm motility didn’t differ a lot between 33°C and 41°C; nevertheless, at roughly 43°C, there’s a regular decline the place approaching 48-50°C, none survive. In actual fact, 50% of sperm cease shifting at about 43°C. This experiment was repeated with the identical group of lizards throughout a second week following a seven-day acclimation interval. Related patterns had been noticed and through week 2, extra people had the next proportion of sperm motility. Lastly, no correlations between sperm and grownup thermal tolerance had been recognized–Mr. Wang speculates that this is likely to be as a result of these traits aren’t linked or his pattern measurement didn’t permit for sufficient decision.

You should definitely try Wayne Wang’s superior speak right here!

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