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I like shotguns. Oddly they haven’t modified a lot through the years, no less than in comparison with different firearms. What works, simply works, proper? Effectively, that doesn’t imply that issues by no means bought a little loopy.

In the present day we’re going to take a look at a number of the loopy shotguns developed for the USA army. Spoiler alert: Most of those ideas by no means bought off the bottom ground, and as such, their lifespans had been somewhat brief.

Remington 7188: The total-auto shotgun

Firefights in Vietnam appeared to be somewhat different. Like most locations wars are fought, Vietnam supplied a various surroundings. However some elements of the nation supplied nothing however dense, brutal jungle. Thus, loads of fights was shut vary, and shotguns had a bonus.

Shotguns may dominate in close-range energy, and the very fact they fired a number of projectiles at a time elevated their hit potentials and made them simpler to make use of in opposition to shifting targets in shut quarters. The shotguns on the time, nevertheless, simply weren’t up for the job within the sweltering jungles of Vietnam. Thus, the Remington 7188 was born.

Of all of the loopy shotguns on this listing, the Remington 7188 is probably the most regular. It seems so unassuming with its wooden furnishings and easy design… Virtually just like the shotgun your dad saved hanging above the door in his research.

Crazy shotguns

In reality, it’s basically simply your normal Remington 1100 with some slight modifications. Easy issues, like an prolonged journal tube, a bayonet mount, a barrel shroud… and the power to fireplace totally computerized!

That’s proper. The Remington 7188 utilized a select-fire mode to go from semi-auto to full auto with the flip of a change. A 12 gauge shotgun appears fairly dang arduous to deal with in full auto, however the charge of fireplace was somewhat sluggish and controllable. It held solely eight rounds, so it emptied rapidly. This gun allowed a commando to blast away with a ton of shot in mere seconds. Sadly, even this gun wasn’t at all times dependable, particularly within the unforgiving jungles of Vietnam.

The Particular Operations Weapon: The hip-fired motion hero’s weapon of alternative

Carroll Childers labored on the Naval Particular Warfare Middle in Virginia and helped develop a ton of weapons for America’s elite struggle fighters. The Particular Operations Weapon, or SOW, wasn’t a mainstream challenge. He bought a bit of cash right here and there and was a one-man crew designing it round time spent on different initiatives. The SOWis actually waht began the concept of loopy shotguns that continues all through the remainder of this text.

Childers had developed a magazine fed Remington 870, so he took the magazine from the 870 and fitted it to the SOW. The SOW ended up being a full-auto shotgun designed to be fired from the hip like an motion star from the ’80s.

Crazy shotguns

The weapon featured two pistol grips and utilized a top-loading journal. The magazine held 20 rounds of 12 gauge and virtually tripled the firepower of the Remington 7188.

The SOW utilized a really controllable 200 rounds per minute firing charge. That’s sluggish sufficient to simply hearth a spherical at a time. The total auto motion nonetheless allowed the consumer to blast away by way of the jungle at opposing forces. Sadly, this is without doubt one of the many loopy shotguns which by no means made it a lot additional than the prototype stage.

AA-12: The shotgun you’ve actually seen in motion motion pictures

In line with the traditional American movie, “The Expendables,” the AA-12 delivers. Of all of the loopy shotguns on this listing, the AA-12 made it the furthest in improvement. In reality, persons are nonetheless kicking the gun round making an attempt to get a contract. Like all of the earlier loopy shotguns, the AA-12 supplied shooters a choose hearth choice.

The design began within the Nineteen Seventies, and over time the weapon tailored and developed into a contemporary shotgun that will make the M16 proud.

Crazy shotguns

A liberal use of polymer within the weapon development and a novel compelled gas-operated API blowback system saved each weight and recoil in verify. The weapon fired from an open bolt to make sure each an absence of cook-offs and that plastic hulls wouldn’t soften within the chamber.

A firing charge of 300 rounds per minute saved issues controllable however fast, and the magazine-fed motion allowed it to be rapidly reloaded. Journal capacities ranged from 8 spherical field magazines to twenty and 32 spherical drums. A wide range of ammunition was produced for the gun, together with Frag rounds which promised mini grenades which may probably make these totally computerized, mini grenade launchers.

No surprise Adrien Brody used one to struggle the Predator.

HK CAWS: The bullpup 12 gauge of the long run

Within the Nineteen Eighties, the army was actively on the lookout for loopy shotguns for a program referred to as the Shut Assault Weapon System, aka the CAWS, which might use 12 gauge ammunition that will not be appropriate with industrial 12 gauge. The CAWS program spat out two completely different shotguns. The primary we’ll point out is HK’s personal CAWS. The HK CAWS took the shotgun to a bullpup structure that was magazine-fed.

As required, the weapon used a ten spherical field journal of 12 gauge ammo that was 76mm lengthy. Olin developed a 3-inch shotgun shell for the CAWS that was belted brass, every containing eight tungsten pellets.

Crazy shotguns

These pellets may penetrate 1.5mm of metal plate, which is fairly spectacular for a shotgun. The shells may additionally load normal buckshot and flechettes, in case the consumer wanted to punch an enormous gap in one thing.

HK geared up their CAWS entry with selective hearth functionality, and the weapon used a recoil-operated design with a self-regulated fuel help. This implies the barrel moved with the bolt for a brief interval because the weapon cycled, and fuel may assist with the recoil operation. This neat futuristic design didn’t transcend the CAWS program.


AAI is the king of bizarre weapons, particularly throughout Vietnam and the latter half of the Chilly Struggle. AAI designed instruments just like the famed M203 grenade launcher that will mount beneath the barrel of a rifle, so it wasn’t all loopy shotguns and suppressors. In reality, the AAI CAWS struggle a reasonably conservative method to the CAWS shotgun idea. AAI’s entry used a regular structure with an M16 inventory and pistol grip with a 12 spherical journal. The weapon utilized a recoil-operated system with a selective hearth choice.

The weapon used a elaborate load AAI christened SCMITR, a proprietary 12 gauge spherical designed for his or her entry. The shot shell utilized a collection of flechettes that reportedly created devastating wound channels and lent their CAWS an extended efficient general vary than conventional shotguns.

Crazy shotguns

These flechettes are brutal at shut vary and fin-stabilized for a larger general vary.

The AAI CAWS may lower by way of 3mm of low-carbon metal. Not unhealthy in any respect for a scattergun. The AAI CAWS’ specialised and proprietary shotgun shell was barely shorter than most traditional shotgun shells, so the magazines may very well be shorter and simpler to deal with. Sadly, the AAI CAWS died with the CAWS challenge.

The eventual destiny of all loopy shotguns

Sadly, these loopy shotguns by no means made it previous the “cool concept in testing” stage, and to be sincere, that is sensible. The factor is, shotguns are such area of interest weapons for army use that the design not often wants drastic, crazed enhancements. The platform works in its easy configuration, and there’s one thing to be stated for the previous axiom, “if it ain’t broke, don’t repair it.” Even so, it’s at all times enjoyable to see what engineers provide you with, and who is aware of what the long run could convey.

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