A bulldozer has one foremost job…to demolish.

So what occurs once you get up, step out of your house and see half a dozen of them infront of you?

You hear a loudspeaker announcement from a police commander informing you that the shanty you’ve lived in for 20 years is about to go down in minutes…

What has been occurring in Mukuru casual settlement in Nairobi shouldn’t be a brand new factor in Kenya.

We will checklist different situations which appeared identical to it…

Ruai, Gikomba, Dandora, Malindi and many others.

What recourse does a poor particular person have when the federal government he expects to guard him turns in opposition to him?

As we converse, lots of of individuals together with kids are sleeping in tents after their humble properties had been destroyed by bulldozers.

We take a sneak preview into their world when media cameras descend into their actuality for a couple of minutes.

However that’s it.

Past this media window, they’re left to their very own units.

We proceed with our lives as if nothing occurred.

There’s one thing that defines a society on the decline…an apathy in direction of the struggling of the susceptible.

In Kenya, this insensitivity is so actual it hurts.

However when did the rain begin beating us?

It began beating us when the worth for cash superceded the worth of different people

It doesn’t matter whether or not we generate income whereas trampling on the heads of others.

The factor is…make as a lot as you may, can it then sit on the can

How does this relate to Mukuru?

Slums flourish round industrial areas as a result of they provide ‘low-cost’ lodging for the poorly paid employees.

But additionally, slums are crammed with educated individuals…diploma holders lots of whom have spent their final quantity of vitality looking for elusive jobs.

Slums are crammed with women and men who’ve left their rural properties in seek for alternative within the massive cities.

Slums are crammed with women and men with goals and ambitions identical to you and me.

They put of their greatest foot ahead to make an additional coin in order that they might stick their necks out of poverty.

So for ages these first rate individuals name the slum their house.

They reside and have households there.

Keep in mind that they don’t seem to be even been spared from the COVID 19 scourge.

However simply after they suppose that they’ll maintain onto the their final hope (their properties), they’re shoved apart for a brand new ‘growth’…a street.

Mass relocation of populations requires group participation.

However on this case it’s both shoddily executed or completely non-existent.

So lots of them get up one morning and are informed that they’ve to depart.

However the place to?

A few of them select to take to the streets to let their voices be heard.

However reside bullets are used to quell the ‘skirmish’.

A few of them are even shot.

A pair lose their lives all as a result of they need their cry to be heard.

All of the whereas, we’re busy with our lives even singing praises to politicians who precipitated such a large number in society.

Don’t fear, I’m about to complete.

I keep in mind the poetic phrases of the German Lutheran bishop Martin Niemoller in the course of the days of the Nazis:

First they got here for the socialists, and I didn’t converse out—
As a result of I used to be not a socialist.

Then they got here for the commerce unionists, and I didn’t converse out—
As a result of I used to be not a commerce unionist.

Then they got here for the Jews, and I didn’t converse out—
As a result of I used to be not a Jew.

Then they got here for me—and there was nobody left to talk for me.

In all probability these are phrases we have to hear usually as Kenyans.

My phrases are ended.

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