They Took One Small Step, And Now You Can Too

It requires no appropriation.  It poses no burden to taxpayers.  It doesn’t threaten privateness, nationwide safety, public well being or the atmosphere.  Fairly the other.  H.R. 3766, the One Small Step to Shield Human Heritage in Area Act, is, as its title suggests, a foundational motion that may guarantee the safety of the Apollo 11 lunar touchdown website and different websites and artifacts that memorialize humanity’s biggest technological achievements (up to now).  Its companion invoice handed the US Senate by unanimous vote in July 2019. Right this moment it languishes within the Home Committee on Science, Area and Know-how.

That’s as puzzling as it’s heartbreaking.

On July 20, 1969, greater than 600 million individuals around the globe watched as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took humankind’s first steps on one other celestial physique.  It was no straightforward activity to get there.  Hundred and hundreds of individuals around the globe contributed on to their success – an accomplishment constructed on centuries of human science, engineering, math and goals.  5 extra Apollo lunar landings adopted, every distinctive, with astronauts abandoning mementos, experiments and {hardware} that memorialize their missions.  However the first human mission to make it to the Moon was robotic – the Soviet Union’s Luna 2 was the primary human made object to influence one other celestial physique, and its Luna 9 was the primary to make a delicate touchdown.

Right here on Earth we acknowledge that websites like these are of excellent worth to humanity.  We settle for that they belong to all of the peoples of the world.  And we defend them as irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration.

However this isn’t the case on the Moon or in area.

No current legislation, US or worldwide, protects and even acknowledges our heritage on the Moon. In 2011, NASA printed suggestions to assist mission planners account for preserving lunar touchdown websites artifacts. However the willingness of firms to abide by these voluntary preservation suggestions will probably be examined as extra entities develop the flexibility to go to the Moon and compete for its assets.

Worldwide treaties don’t present sufficient protections both. The Outer Area Treaty, the usually labeled the Magna Carta of area, obligates events to behave with “due regard” to the pursuits of different events.  That is an undefined time period with questionable authorized consequence that depends on judgment calls.  Think about defending the Liberty Bell, Stonehenge or the terra cotta warriors of Xi’an with the hope that individuals visiting will show common sense!

As soon as saved by the truth that human return appeared distant, the variety of future missions to the Moon continues to develop.  NASA’s proposed 2024 return will probably be adopted swiftly by different nations in addition to personal firms within the US and around the globe.  The Workplace of Science and Know-how Coverage identifies three dangers posed by future lunar missions: 1) touchdown on prime of or too near a website, together with the impact of particles, mud and chemical contamination; 2) sandblasting results from rocket thrusters; and three) mud lofting or organic contamination. Clearly we have to stability the promising developments of future Moon missions with the necessity to defend the human heritage that’s already there.

The One Small Step to Shield Human Heritage in Area Act requires US firms conducting lunar actions to comply with comply with the suggestions created by NASA in 2011.  It’s under no circumstances good.  It covers solely US lunar websites and US area actors.  However the effort to require adherence to those suggestions is a bipartisan and pressing response to the quickly advancing area business. This invoice is one small and mandatory step to acknowledge and handle the safety and preservation of all our human heritage on the Moon.

It doesn’t value a penny.  It’s straightforward.  However it is going to have an amazing influence.

With one small step, Neil and Buzz took a large leap for humankind.  Your one small step might be the catalyst that reminds our political leaders how necessary it’s to guard these unimaginable sources of life and inspiration. Contact your Representatives at this time and ask them to carry H.R. 3766 to a vote.  You might not stay to see a museum on the Moon, however wouldn’t you wish to know you took that small step to make it so?


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