Transition from Fundamentalism to Agnosticism, half eight

will put up, with minimal modifying, what I wrote on 15 March 2005, throughout my journey
to see desert wildflowers. This was, as shut as it’s doable to find out,
the precise date on which I turned an agnostic.

can I start to explain the great thing about the spring desert I beheld yesterday? And
the best blessings got here once I took the time to look carefully, to decelerate
and immerse myself in it, to open myself to the Spirit.” Whereas most individuals do
not look carefully at nature, out of a nation of 300 million, there have to be just a few
million who do. “I need to hold this in thoughts to counterbalance my cynicism, even
although it’s practical and true…For the second, I really feel good not nearly
nature however even in regards to the species of which I’m a component.” I used to be studying a ebook, Evil
and the God of Love, by John Hick. Hick “brazenly admitted ‘the very fact of evil
[which] constitutes essentially the most severe objection there may be to the Christian perception
in a God of affection.’ He calls it a reality; it’s not, as Buddhists would possibly say, an
phantasm, neither is it merely a type of human habits. It’s evil…Hick rejects an
‘inoffensive however unhelpful agnosticism,’ which gives ‘a perpetual burden of
doubt’ to all believers, and has all the time performed so, even again within the so-called Age
of Religion. And Job’s reply, to be tremblingly quiet earlier than God’s
incomprehensible majesty, will not be an answer…If God is deliberately concerned in
the world (and this can be his complete motion), then we can not count on God to see
or manipulate the world from a cosmic viewpoint. Maybe—I’m speculating
now—the Spirit Himself struggles to grasp this? If that’s the case, then the Spirit’s
reply will not be a proof however a fragile desert spring wildflower.”

can keep in mind the place I used to be once I wrote this. I used to be consuming breakfast in a
restaurant in Yuma, Arizona. The journey I took out into the desert was non secular
in addition to scientific.

subsequent day I wrote the next. To discover the wildflowers “was like strolling in
heaven. I additionally relived the gorgeous a part of my childhood,” once I walked
amidst the spring wildflowers within the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

I continued studying and eager about the issue of evil. The irrepressibly
optimistic Harry Emerson Fosdick posed the other query to the issue of
evil: “why is there a lot inexplicable good on this planet? For the reason that time of
Fosdick, and of C. S. Lewis’s comparable argument, altruism has been found.
However it doesn’t clarify the entire goodness, greatness, our capability for
knowledge, love, science, and (what I now expertise) biophilia.” This doesn’t
reply the issue of evil, “however what else can I do however stumble amidst flowers
and rejoice whereas I can? I can rejoice within the stream of the Spirit, and say that
that is the whole thing of God’s work right here and now. The Spirit additionally cleanses away
the scabs of anger and the rot of selfishness.

does no good, Hick claims, guilty Devil, for now we simply have to clarify why
God permitted Devil to exist, nor does it do any good to enchantment to the finitude
of creatureliness [only a theologian could come up with this], as a result of even
inside our limits we could possibly be good however aren’t. Sorry, John, however we is not going to
motive out an answer. Our solely response might be like a customer to the desert
spring, seeing a short symphony of pleasure in a tough land, or a customer to the
desert summer time, who can see nothing good however who should drive himself to confess
that life persists dormant.”

continued to consider my deteriorating well being. “There might be no miracles
for me. However within the occasion that I survive, I might be an imperfect conduit of the
Spirit, and revel in it. God “allowed at the least one species to evolve the
intelligence to understand…that although most organisms merely decay, just a few
re-emerge as fossils, as objects of magnificence…”

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