Transition from Fundamentalism to Agnosticism, half six

Here’s a little interlude, which I wanted throughout my heavy ideas, and which you, the reader (if any) additionally want. I wrote this on 2 March 2005.

“And, lastly, isn’t it previous all rational resolution? As I’ve repeatedly contemplated, do I not imagine in God as a result of Dvorak did? Nietzsche had penetrating questions, or so I who’ve by no means learn him am informed. The right way to reply him? Kierkegaard’s leap? A scientist resists it however what else is there? What Mahler did was to rejoice evolution in his Resurrection Symphony. The phases of life on Earth: vegetative (second motion), animated (third motion), then to set Nietzsche to music (fourth motion), angels in heaven (fifth motion) as if it had been a development. However actually it was simply to place atheism and heaven subsequent to one another, then goes on (sixth motion) to rejoice love. He listened, out in his summerhouse within the mountain meadow: ‘What the flowers within the meadow inform me,’ ‘What the animals within the forest inform me,’ ‘What the evening tells me,’ ‘What the morning bells inform me,” and ‘What love tells me.’ Perhaps these items all contradict each other; all we are able to do is pay attention.


“It helps to have mates with which to share this. Mahler had gotten over his love for Johanna Richter within the Eighteen Eighties. He had a buddy within the Nineties, Natalie Bauer-Lechner, who traveled with him and wrote down his ideas. She was the one who wrote down the titles above. What was he considering, to not embrace her after Alma Schindler had betrayed him. Ah, friendship is healthier than romance, as Mahler came upon too late.”

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