Transition from Fundamentalism to Agnosticism, half twelve. The Downside of Politics

after I was writing in my non secular journal in 2005, I felt a mission to the
world, to rescue it from political oppression (as embodied in the suitable wing
events in each nation together with my very own) from Easter 1984 till election day
2004, a interval of simply over twenty years.

determined, in February 2005, to cease calling myself a Christian. I don’t personal the
language. If I name myself a Christian, I wrote, individuals will consider me as a
follower of George W. Bush. (Right this moment it’s even worse; to be a Christian is, in
widespread language, to be a Trumper.) The query is just not, do I need to name
myself a Christian; however, am I what the world thinks of after they hear the phrase
Christian? Clearly, the reply was (and is) no.

of what I wrote under was through the worst of my medical issues, but in addition at
a time when a Republican president aspired to be a world dictator and use warfare
as his device of domination. Keep in mind George W. Bush? [Bush and Cheney] “have
galloped out on their Texas steeds to beat the world, and different Republican
horsemen of the apocalypse, solely barely worse than Democratic mules…Most of
the universe is gas-jets of hydrogen, and in a single small house, there’s a
miracle of complexity—and it’s evil.”

the legislation of the universe appears to be thermodynamics—at any time when there’s, in a single
place, a quick shining second of inspiration, magnificence, order, and love, the
nice mass of stupidity, hatred, and bloated gluttony will flop over on it and
obliterate it. All that’s good and God is an aberration shortly blasted by the
sick universe…Each time there’s a glint of magnificence and peace, the leaders of the
world enjoyment of trashing it.”

was studying Rabbi Kushner’s ebook, Who
Wants God?
However can there be one, even within the diffuse type I’ve
fantasized? Kushner additionally questioned how one can get offended at a God that one
believes doesn’t exist. However we’re offended as a result of there ought to be a great
God who will rescue the world.

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