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What to hear for:

Numerous turkey sounds could be heard, together with the yelps of females and immatures, the gobbles of males, and occasional outbursts of liquid, staccato chirts or purts, which signify alarm (maybe they noticed a hawk fly by?). Pay attention rigorously and also you’ll hear one other superb sound, made by the males … a sudden thump! or chump! adopted by a really low pitched hum that rises barely in pitch on the finish (your headphones must have good bass response so as so that you can hear this). This sound is a little bit of a thriller. To my ear, the introductory thump! sounds prefer it’s made by a sudden motion of the feathers, whereas the hum … effectively, I merely don’t understand how that’s produced.

Within the background, hear for the coos of each white-winged and mourning doves. A cardinal sounds off at occasions. A red-tailed hawk screams loudly one time, and a grey hawk provides musical whistles towards the top. Gila woodpeckers name within the distance. After which there’s the cow moos and rooster crows. And a few high-pitchy hen songs I can’t establish. Please let me know what you hear, species within the background that I’ve missed.

Wild Turkey rear view

p.s. Word that the picture on the prime of my put up is an “artwork portrayal.” I used to be unable to get any good pictures of turkeys within the cottonwood tree, however I felt I wanted a powerful picture to set the temper. So I constructed one utilizing a photograph of a lifeless tree limb on a cottonwood that I took in the present day close to my residence in upstate New York. Then I changed the sky with a dawn I photographed throughout considered one of my many journeys, and at last I added a turkey silhouette that I discovered on the web (free clip-art). So … the picture on the prime is “paintings” my pals, not an precise {photograph}! I belief you’re not disillusioned.

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