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The definition of a Principle of All the things is that it ought to utterly outline the bodily properties of OUR universe.

Earlier than we start, we must always first decide how we what to do this.  In different phrases, do we would like discover a common equation to quantify what we observe or clarify why we observe it or BOTH.

For instance, quantum mechanics ONLY quantifies observations of surroundings it defines by way of the mathematically properties of a wave operate.  It was developed through the use of the numerical worth of observations to outline the wave operate that predicts these values

Einstein took a distinct strategy when creating Relativity.  First, he sought to grasp and clarify how and why the velocity of sunshine is fixed regardless of the relativemovement of an observer by way of how issues in OUR universe would work together if that had been true.  He then developed the mathematics to quantify his rationalization.

Each of those theories will be a part of a principle of every little thing nonetheless that’s solely doable in the event that they each outline the universe we occupy.

For instance, one can use arithmetic to find out why we observe 4 apples on a desk by assuming that initially there have been 2 on it and a pair of had been added or there have been 6 and a pair of had been taken away however just one defines how and why they really bought there.

Nonetheless, there isn’t a approach utilizing math alone to find out what number of apples existed earlier than they had been noticed on the desk. Placing it one other approach one CANNOT use solely mathematical options verify the belief they’re primarily based on.

As was talked about earlier quantum mechanics ONLY quantifies observations of surroundings it defines by way of the mathematically properties of a wave operate. This implies it might outline a universe that we don’t reside although it will possibly precisely quantify it. It’s because, as with the apples a mathematical resolution can not verify its assumption the wavefunction defines the quantum universe.

Nonetheless, if one does as Einstein did first attempt to clarify how and why we noticed what we do by way of how issues to work together in OUR universe after which derive the mathematics to it one will be positive the options it defines are an observable facet of it.

This means if one takes strategy the Einstein did in creating Relativity and apply it to the truth that power is quantized one could possibly derive a Principle of All the things in OUR universe that not solely explains why it’s but additionally quantifies it by way of the interactions of the observable properties of OUR universe.

As was talked about earlier quantum mechanics developed its mathematical options on the belief the particle properties of power ARE basic. Nonetheless, earlier than the event of its theoretical construction nobody tried to find out if it was a secondary end result of an interplay between an observable part of OUR universe.

For instance, in “OUR universe” observations, the science of wave mechanics and Relativity tells us an electromagnetic wave strikes repeatedly via space-time until it’s prevented from shifting via area by somebody or one thing interacting with it. This could end in it being confined to particular quantity of three-dimensional area. The science of wave mechanics additionally tells us the three-dimensional “partitions” of this confinement will end in its power being mirrored again on itself thereby making a resonant or standing wave in three-dimensional area. This could trigger the power of an electromagnetic wave to be concentrated on the level in area had been a particle can be discovered. Moreover, wave mechanics additionally tells us the power of a resonant system equivalent to a standing wave can solely tackle the discrete or quantized values related to its basic or a harmonic of its basic frequency that the wave operate associates with a particle.  Placing it one other approach one doesn’t need to assume that the arithmetic of quantum mechanics is the one motive why power in “OUR universe” is noticed to be quantized.

    This reveals although we can not observe what goes on in a quantum surroundings we CAN derive the mathematics we use to explain its properties by way of observable properties of our universe.

    As was simply proven there MAY BE options to why power is quantized; apart from the one supplied for by quantum mechanics which MAY give the identical quantifiable outcomes.

      Nonetheless, this means we could possibly use the observable properties of our universe to discover a Principle of All the things if, we not solely try to mathematically quantize what we observe however try to grasp and clarify why we observe it primarily based on how its elements work together.

    For instance, as was simply proven we are able to use the observations of how wave power strikes via a macroscopic surroundings to derive its quantized properties in a microscopic one.

    This means ONE of the explanations it’s so tough to create a Principle of All the things could also be as a result of physicists are focusing an excessive amount of on mathematically quantifying what we observe and never sufficient time attempting to grasp how its elements work together to create these observations.

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