What’s the Plural of Octopus?

What has eight arms, three hearts, makes use of camouflage and has a really complicated plural kind?

The octopus!  

The English language may be fairly puzzling at occasions. As a mom of two boys, we’ve LEGO tiles everywhere in the home. And whereas there are a whole lot of LEGO on the ground that I’ve to tiptoe round, please discover the plural of LEGO continues to be LEGO. Complicated? Sure, it definitely is.

Which brings me to right this moment’s weblog matter: What’s the plural of octopus? How would you inform your mates that your noticed a video that featured a couple of glass octopus?

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To get us began, let’s check out the phrase: octopus. It’s a Latinized type of the Greek phrase októpus, which interprets to “eight foot.”

Disclaimer: Earlier than I dive in, I’ll acknowledge that individuals have very sturdy opinions about grammar: Oxford comma utilization as one such instance. So, please go straightforward on the writer of this weblog.

Octopi ❌

Whereas “octopi” has change into widespread in fashionable utilization, it’s flawed. Octopi is the oldest plural type of octopus, coming from the assumption that Latin origins ought to have Latin endings. Nevertheless, octopus is just not a easy Latin phrase, however a Latinized type of the Greek phrase októpus. Consequently, its “right” plural kind would logically be octopodes.

Octopodes ❌

“Octopodes” stems from the assumption that as a result of octopus is initially Greek, it ought to have a Greek ending. This time period could be technically right, however it’s the least-used incorrect type of the phrase for a couple of octopus. Utilizing “octopodes” may trigger extra confusion than it’s price.

Octopuses ✅

“Octopuses” provides the phrase an English ending to match its adoption as an English phrase. Typically, when a noun enters into English, it’s pluralized as an English phrase somewhat than in its authentic kind. Octopuses might sound peculiar to some, however that is the popular plural.

It’s additionally peculiar to debate octopuses when the octopus is a solitary creature. So, they’d very a lot favor we didn’t have this dialogue within the first place!

The ethical of the story is—it’s a superb factor to see a number of octopuses! It means we’ve a wholesome ocean.

You Can Assist Octopuses

In contrast to different species, octopuses don’t have a tough shell or sharp spines to guard themselves, so camouflage is their greatest wager for avoiding hungry predators. They use this potential to cover in reefs, rocks or sand.

One factor octopuses can’t cover from? Ocean plastics.

The ocean plastics villain might show deadlier than any of these pure predators ever may.

However we are able to cease this. We will hold ocean plastics out of those creatures’ houses. Be a part of us in taking motion right this moment.Take motion on plastic air pollution right this moment. Inform Congress to help the REDUCE Act and make it much less fascinating to create new plastics.

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