Why is BreezoMeter Totally different from my Native Air High quality Supply?

Seeing two or extra air high quality sources saying utterly various things will be complicated. Let’s discover among the the reason why BreezoMeter and your native air high quality supply might at instances present totally different experiences for a similar space on the identical time.

1)You’re a Totally different Air High quality Index

Totally different nations and areas use air high quality indexes based mostly on totally different scales and logic. This could make it exhausting to check like for like.

Totally different Scales

Consider it when it comes to top measurement: 6 ft and 182cm point out the identical top however the numbers look very totally different. In the event you’re not aware of a specific AQI system, it could be complicated to shortly interpret the data based mostly on the data you’re used to referring to.

Canada’s Air High quality Well being Index makes use of an 11-point scale to categorize threat from ‘lowest’ to ‘highest’.

Canada AQI


That is the US Air High quality Index: 



Whereas BreezoMeter’s International AQI makes use of a 100-point scale starting from ‘poor’ to ‘wonderful’.

BreezoMeter AQI

As you may see, throughout these totally different AQI methods, totally different numbers imply various things:

  • 1 on Canada’s Air High quality Well being Index = very Low Well being threat.

  • 1 on USA Air High quality Index = ‘Good’ Air High quality

  • 1 on BreezoMeter’s AQI = very poor air high quality.

Your Native Supplier Studies Air High quality for a Totally different Function

Totally different air high quality indexes are additionally created for various functions, which might have an effect on the class stage you see and the risk stage/threat related to totally different ranges of air pollution.

  • Whereas one AQI could also be designed merely to point the degrees of present air pollution current within the air (‘excessive’ or ‘low’), one other may deal with the related well being dangers for most of the people and/or folks with particular well being points like continual illnesses. 

  • An AQI extra centered on long-term air air pollution monitoring and regulatory planning might outline the extent of threat in another way to a supplier like BreezoMeter which goals to warn and assist folks cut back their private air air pollution publicity at their precise location in real-time.

2)Your Native Supplier Makes use of Totally different Information Sources to BreezoMeter

Variations between BreezoMeter’s air high quality data and different suppliers might stem from variations within the quantity and sort of information sources:

BreezoMeter: Lots of of 1000’s of Information Sources 

BreezoMeter combines data from all out there monitoring stations all over the world from lots of of various official sources,  with low-cost sensor data, satellite tv for pc information, climate patterns, site visitors situations reporting, wildfire monitoring & land cowl data. We then apply modeling to report hourly air high quality on the road stage. Our complete variety of information enter sources reaches 11,500,000+.

BreezoMeter Layers of Data

Suppliers Utilizing Official Monitoring Stations Solely

Official monitoring station-only information regularly comes with reporting delays – which suggests sudden air high quality modifications will be missed. As monitoring stations additionally solely measure what occurs on the station’s location, hyper-local air high quality modifications can typically be missed as a consequence of protection limitations. There are sometimes miles and not using a monitoring station – as air high quality is so dynamic, this turns into an issue for well timed decision-making.

Suppliers Utilizing Low-Price Sensors Solely

Like monitoring stations, low-cost sensors lack geographical protection and likewise want common individualized calibration to account for various placement, temperature, and relative humidity components.

As many low-cost sensors undertake a ‘count-based’ technique of air pollution measurement, additionally they have to undergo a conversion course of to report within the universally understood phrases of ‘mass’ – this conversion course of at all times comes with a margin of error related to it. 

Many low price sensors additionally solely measure one pollutant (mostly PM2.5 ). This restricted particular person pollutant monitoring may even have an effect on the general air high quality experiences you see – we discover this extra within the subsequent part.

3)Your Native Supplier Displays Totally different Pollution

BreezoMeter experiences on all 6 commonest out of doors air pollution: Floor Degree Ozone (O3), PM2.5, PM10, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).

Nonetheless, not all suppliers report on all of those pollution on a regular basis, which have an effect on total numbers and classes:

We noticed a chief instance of this in October 2021 when a complicated disparity appeared between totally different US air high quality experiences: a California mud storm on October eleventh prompted a significant spike in PM10. Whereas BreezoMeter reported low air high quality, suppliers that didn’t monitor PM10 reported air high quality as ‘good’ – inflicting confusion.

If a supplier doesn’t report on PM2.5 in any respect, they may miss the influence of wildfires on air high quality; with out PM10 they may miss the influence of a mud storm; with out NO2. they may miss site visitors air pollution.

4)Your Native Supplier Covers a Totally different Time Interval

In case your native supplier calculates or experiences on air high quality much less typically than hourly (BreezoMeter calculates data on an hourly foundation), that is another excuse you may see totally different outcomes.

5)Your Native Supplier Makes use of a Totally different Geographical Mannequin & Decision

Whereas BreezoMeter experiences data at a street-level decision of 5 meters or 16.5 ft, different suppliers might ship data that’s much more zoomed out, based mostly on their technique.

AirNow, for instance, experiences data based mostly on the worst station studying in a specific location – that means one station’s studying might have an effect on the air high quality experiences removed from the supply of this ‘worst studying’.

BreezoMeter's Air Quality Technology

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