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As I entered the canyon, I used to be met by an enormous gust of wind. I nearly rotated, pondering that it was a lot too windy to get an excellent recording, until I hiked again to my automotive to select up my protecting “wind field”. However I continued on, understanding that I needed to keep nicely forward of the onslaught of sightseers that will quickly arrive.

The path rises steeply at first, however then passes over a hump earlier than angling all the way down to a broad flat subsequent to the river. There, an enormous patch of Large Reeds (Arundo donax – additionally referred to as Carrizo Cane) grows thickly alongside the river’s edge (bamboo-like in look, this invasive from Asia is now frequent alongside a lot of the Rio Grande).

As I approached this dense forest of reeds, I instantly seen the profusion of snaps, crackles and pops, created as gusts of wind blew towards the stiff, dry stems from final season’s development. “Wow,” I believed … “maybe the makings of a compelling soundscape?” So I rapidly set my microphone on the fringe of the patch, putting it on the lee facet, to reduce attainable distortion brought on by wind buffeting the mic itself.

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